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MartNet Customer Care:

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Contact MartNet Customer Care at (408) MARTNET (408-627-8638)

MartNet's Mailing Address is:

MartNet Communications
PO Box 42472
Philadelphia, PA 19101

SupportOn-Line Technical Support:

MartNet Communications strives to make your Internet Experience as pleasant and easy to use as possible! To help attain this goal, we offer Technical Support for all MartNet Products and Services via Telephone, E-mail, and the World Wide Web. We want to know how we're doing! Please feel free to drop us a line at support@martnet.com with any comments, criticism, or suggestions you have so that we may serve you better!

E-Mail Technical Support - support@martnet.com

Advanced Technical Support for questions not covered in our Support Web Site is available via E-mail. Send your questions to support@martnet.com. Our Systems Administrators answer Support E-mail as quickly as possible, but some more advanced questions can take time to answer. Thanks for being patient! Questions sent to support@martnet.com and their answers are eventually added to our Support Web Site Knowledge Base.

The MartNet Support Web Site - http://support.martnet.com

MartNet's primary Technical Support Resource is our Support Web Site, which you are looking at right now! There is a lot you can do with your MartNet account, and the Support Site is your User Manual to all the features available to you as a MartNet Customer! We are constantly adding new features to our services, so be sure to check back often to see what's available!

Contact MartNet via E-MailContact MartNet via E-Mail

To contact MartNet's Administrative and Technical Management staff via E-Mail, please use the following addresses to ensure your message gets to the right people and your request is attended to as quickly as possible:

For information on MartNet Rates and Services, please send mail to: sales@martnet.com.

All Billing questions should be sent to: billing@martnet.com.

All technical questions, problems, requests for existing customers, etc. shoulod be sent to: support@martnet.com.

To report cases of Internet Abuse by MartNet customers, please send mail to: abuse@martnet.com. Please read MartNet's Internet Abuse Policy and reporting guidelines before sending mail to abuse@martnet.com. Failure to follow our very straightforward and standard guidelines will delay our investigation into the matter.

NOTE to Dedicated Server Hosting and Server Co-Location Customers:
Please refer to your written MartNet Services Contract for details about 24/7/365 Support Options and contact information.

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