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E-Commerce Basics
Selling products from your website

The internet is the new shopping mall of the world. You can anything you want, 24 hours a day, all delivered right to your door. If you are a business owner, selling your product online is a great opportunity to tap into a much larger customer base then just your local area. Setting up e-commerce solution on your site is dependent on a number of factors: The amount of items you have, whether or not you want credit card ordering, the type of products you have, etc...Below are some options for different levels of e-commerce needs:

For a small e-commerce site:

For a small site with a few items, that takes credit cards, and is very simple to manage, we recommend Paypal.com. Paypal can provide the html code you would need to put into your web page to create links where people can purchase your products. They also provide a complete shopping cart back end and can process credit cards or bank transfer for people that have Paypal accounts. Customers aren't required to have a Paypal account to purchase items at your store, just a credit card. They process everything securely on their servers and deposit the money directly into your Paypal account where it can be then deposited to your bank account in 2-3 days. They can even send you a check if you'd like. The fees are comparable to regular credit card processors and their is no set up. Paypal makes it easy to sell one product or a thousand products online with very little set up or technical knowledge.

For a medium sized e-commerce site:

When you feel you are out growing out of the small size range and you want to branch out to a full shopping cart system, perhaps you should look into getting a more robust ecommerce package. You may want to buy a store software package to install on your account. There are a number of software package available online. Some of our customers use the very powerful and FREE OsCommerce and other types of prepackaged software. These will require you to have some midrange knowledge of webdesign technology or a web designer who does. Depending on your store set up, you may have to set up a credit card merchant account with a credit card banking service as well as a security certificate to ensure the safety of your data. Do some more research or consult your web designer when doing that.

For a large e-commerce site:

If you have a large amount of products and you are looking for major commerce site, look into investing in website design by a professional design firm. It may be costly but a well designed site, that works well, will more than pay for itself in profits gained.

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