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Slaying the Lagmonster Part II
Machine Lag on HL-engine-based servers

So you've determined that the network path is clear, by looking at part one, right? Yet your server is still lagging. Here's what you need to know next: is your server running

If so, follow the links and prepare to read. A lot. The process of getting the latest AdminMod working with the new DoD using the newest MetaMod update so your CSGuard upgrade performs smoothly with the latest community config file can be... taxing, to say the least. And more often than not, it seems like as soon as you have everything working together, something gets updated. Again.

Everything you read on those pages is important. If you come across a line like

// Run server with parameter "-zone 8192" for this large config file

and then you don't, and then you e-mail us about server crashes or bad lag, we're all going to feel very silly when we realize what happened, right?

Realize that if you have HL-engine server running cstrike with AdminMod (which runs on MetaMod) using CSGuard to catch cheaters, you have FOUR different dev teams working on four different projects in parallel to contend with. It's going to be up to you to keep track of compatability issues, updates, version matching, and whatnot. They work great when properly installed and configured. They do really horrible things when not.

The Forums

On our links page you can find the homepages listed above, plus many community resources devoted to them. They are VERY IMPORTANT! They will likely be the first location to have breaking news about problems and, even better, workarounds and fixes.

You should also be willing to take an active part. If you encounter a problem, can't find it in the docs, and no one's talking about it on the forums, post it! Using bleeding-edge, hot-off-the-compiler code means you have a VERY good chance of being the first person to discover something, especially if your setup is highly customized.

We like to think you'll find a solution before exhausting all the above possibilities. If you're convinced something else is going on, after doing all the above, send us mail at support@martnet.com to let us know. But please, don't cry wolf unless there really is one...

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