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Avoiding Fraud
How to avoid getting scammed on the internet

The anonymous nature of the internet makes it easier than ever before for con artists to take advantage of people. Identity theft is also one of the fastest rising crimes in this country. Read below for more advice on how to keep your identity safe.

Protecting Your Identity - Be very careful who you give your information out to on the internet. Be sure you know who you are dealing with and if you sense something is not right, stop what you are doing and check to make sure everything is legitimate. If you enter your credit card info or social security number into a form, make sure to check that the information is being transmitted securely. One way to check is to make sure that URL in the address bar begins with “https://” (not the normal “http:”) and the lock icon is active in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.

Email Hoaxes - Here’s a tip: If someone from a foreign country tells you that they need to transfer millions of dollars into your bank account, it’s a scam. Also Bill Gates won’t give you any money for forwarding an email to your friends.

Ebay/Paypal Scam - You may receive an email that looks like it comes from Ebay or PayPal and asks you to confirm your information or update your account by clicking on a link. This is most likely a scam. Ebay or Paypal will usually give you a link to copy and paste into your browser, not a direct link. Scammers try to trick you by making the link look like a web address but instead send you to a fake site to enter your info. When in doubt, manually type the address of the company into your browser.

Fraudulent Domain Invoicing - Some domain registration companies will try to trick you into transferring your domain to their higher priced registration service by making you think that they are your domain name registration service. If you have you domain name registered through MartNet, ignore any domain renewal messages that don't have our name on them. Here's a page with more information on this: http://support.martnet.com/content.php?get=158

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