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Instant Messenger Programs
ICQ, AIM, and People Link

Internet Messengers are chat programs that allow two (or more) people to have a conversation in real-time over an internet connection. There are dozens of programs on the net that allow instant messaging, and here we have compiled information on the two most popular Instant Messaging programs. They are all available for download from the internet, and are all supported by MartNet. The only problem is thus far, very few are compatible with one another. (someone on ICQ cannot chat with someone on AIM) This is expected to change in the next year.

AOL Instant Messenger

AOL created a messenger service that provides non AOL users the privilege of real time chat with their Instant Messenger. The program uses screen names to identify other users. The download and setup are relatively painless, but users are not given the full access that AOL subscribers are. AOL also places advertisements all over the windows which can be a little annoying. This program is widely used and very easy to use.

Setup Instructions

1. Go to the AOL Instant Messenger home page, and fill out the online registration form, once that is completed, the program will be available for download.

2. Open the program and enter your screen name and password (you receive these during the registration process.) A floating window will come up listing the users you have configured to talk to. To chat with someone, simply double click on their screen name and the dialog window will come up.

3. To configure the "Buddy List," the list of users you talk to online, simply click on the "List Setup" tab on the top of the list. Then click on the icon of a waving stick figure next to a +. Enter the person's screen name and then click the "Online" tab at the top of the list.

4. To sign off of AOL instant Messenger, just close the program, or select "sign off" from the file menu.

ICQ (I Seek You)

ICQ is another great Internet Messaging program that works similarly to AOL's Instant Messenger, except with a few added features. Users can e-mail each other automatically, and can transfer files to one another. Instead of screen names, ICQ uses numbers. Also, users must Authorize each other in order to receive messages from other users. AOL just recently acquired this program, and nobody quite sure what they plan to do with it. This is become very quickly widely used, and has many advanced features. the program and registration is free from the home page.

Setup Instructions
1. Visit the ICQ Home page and download the ICQ program. When it has downloaded, run it and install the program onto your PC. A window will come for registration.

2. Fill out the registration form, and the program will issue you an ICQ number. This number will be your main identity on ICQ, much like a phone number. Once connected, neat little sounds will alert you when users send you a message.

3. To send someone a message, you must first send them an Authorization request (they have to permit you to send them messages). To send an Authorization request, click on menu, then authorization. Enter the user's ICQ number, and hit send. You will be notified when the other person has authorized you.

4. To Authorize someone else, simply click on "authorize" on the request form you receive when someone asks for your authorization.

5. To close the program, simply click on the "status" window, and change it to "offline/disconnected," or close the program.

These programs are all available for free on the internet, and you can use them with your MartNet dial-up account. If you have a problem or any question about any of these programs, check with the tech support of the individual program.

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