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Using Real Audio on Martnet
Instructions on how to stream audio with Real Player

MartNet's Web Servers support a wide variety of standard Multimedia formats, using MIME types defined in our Web Server configurations, and Apache's mime_magic module to detect new file formats on the fly. If a particular type of file is not supported, please send mail to webmaster@martnet.com (include the MIME type if you know it) and we will add it to our Web Server configurations.

Most multimedia content can be included in Web pages using the standard HTML tags such as OBJECT and EMBED, and are supported by most Graphical HTML editors such as Netscape Composer, Adobe PageMill, and M$ FrontPage. For instructions on using these programs to create Web pages with multimedia content, please refer to the documentation that came with your software package.

RealAudio HTTP Streaming is available on all MartNet Web Servers. To get RealAudio to stream properly (instead of simply having the file downloaded without streaming) please follow the following instructions:

1) Copy your encoded RealAudio files (files with the .ra extension) to your Web Site directory (public_html) or a directory inside your public_html directory (we recommend creating a directory called "rafiles" for all your RealAudio files, but you can set up the directory structure however you see fit.

2) Use a text editor (such as pico, BBEdit, or Notepad) to create a metafile containing a RealAudio URL (the path to the RealAudio file itself.) For example, the contents of your file should be in the following form, and should contain only one line:


where hostname is the name of our Web Server (or your MartNet Hosted Virtual Domain!). For example:




3) Save your metafile in as text using a .ram filename extension.

4) In your HTML document, reference the metafile in a hyperlink. (if you reference the .ra file itself, the entire file will be downloaded and saved to the viewer's hard drive before playing.) For example:

< A HREF="filename.ram">

You can use relative or complete paths. If you use complete paths, you must include both the hostname and the complete path. For example:

< A HREF="http://www.martnet.com/~username/rafiles/filename.ram">

5) When a user clicks on the link, the audio file(s) begin to stream. The RealPlayer begins playing after a few seconds; it does not need to wait for the entire file to be downloaded! Streaming Audio at it's finest!

For Additonal Help

Real.com support pages: http://www.real.com/

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