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Virtual Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Hosting services
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64 Questions and Answers were found:
Could you give me a brief explanation what I have to do to implement secure web server (I have Virtual Hosting account)?   
Inside you public_html directory, there is a directory called 'secure_pages'. This is basically a seperate public_html directory inside your public_html directory where you can put secure files. To call these files you have to use https://www.yourdomian.com/ instead of http://www.yourdomain.com/ you have to use absolute address (full http:// address) to call these files from the other pages. So.. if you type in http://www.yourdomian.com/text.html it would take you to the file /public_html/text.html but if you type https://www.yourdomian.com/text.html it would take you to the file /public_html/secure_pages/text.html

Do you have a MySQL client installed that I can use to add and manipulate data in my MartNet Hosted MySQL database?   
We have a Web based MySQL client installed for your use at http://www.YOURDOMAINNAME.com/mysql-administration (where YOURDOMAINNAME is any domain you have hosted here at MartNet.) When prompted for your username and password, be sure to use the MySQL username and MySQL password you chose when setting up your database - this login and password is seperate from your system account login and password!

Do you offer DSL? No? Why don't you offer DSL anymore? 

Sorry, MartNet does not offer DSL or Cable Modem access. If you need something faster than v.90 56K dial-up, unfortunately you will have to choose another provider.

Due to several of them fouling up horribly, dropping connections frequently, and even occassionally going out of BUSINESS (this happened to us), we no longer offer any DSL service. We are however looking for a reliable DSL provider we can recommend.

That said, look for cable access in your area. The cable companies have the infrastructure already going right to your house... it's faster (usually, check stats) than DSL, more stable, and the modems look cooler =8).

Comcast and Time/Warner/AOL are busy buying up the cable world... go to www.home.com or www.roadrunner.comand see if your area's covered, or call your cable provider. Because of so many parallel techologies now offered (dialups, DSL, cable, wireless, and multiple providers of each), hunt about for what sort of specials they're having - they're going crazy trying to get subscribers. No contract, the cost is added to the comcast cable bill (if you have Comcast, which in the greater Philly area you probably do by now).

Some of our staff recently got @home and managed to wrangle free installation, 3 months free including free modem rental, and $40 bucks a month after that. Testing the connection at random times shows an average connection of 1.1Mbps. Yes, 1100k. Downloads clock in around 100-300k sustained transfer (so much depends on the remote system with downloads, of course).

Do you support MS FrontPage extensions?  
We do NOT support MS FrontPage extensions for several reasons. First, security: you have to give it root permission, and it has to be able to modify everyone's files. Second, we *do not* run software on our servers for which we do not have the source code. Microsoft does not hand out source code for their software, even to license-holders, and therefore we will not allow it to run on our system.

Does Martnet support FDML files, or is that for Mac hosting only?    
.fdml (Form Data Markup Language) files are commonly used by NetCloak. NetCloak is a MacOS-only Application Hosting Solution. We run Linux on all of our shared hosting servers (and there is no planned Linux port of NetCloak.) So no, we don't support it, and yes, it is for Mac Hosting only.

FTP doesn't work anymore! what happened??? I need to update my html files RIGHT AWAY!!! 
Before contacting your friendly neighborhood tech support for this problem, please check the error message in your terminal window of the ftp software you use, or try to ftp to the host in question from your shell account so you can see the specific error message generated by your attempt. Sometimes there will be an error message, or an explanatory message from us in the login banner. If after checking into this, *and* reading martnet.announce, you can't figure it out, feel free to email support@martnet.com or give us a call at the office.

How can I collect my email when I am not at home? are there any websites that would allow me to connect to Martnet? and then to my messages? 
We have an online mail service at http://www.martnet.com/webmail Just enter your username and password there and you can read your mail from any computer that has a web browser.

How do I cancel my MartNet account? 
Send an email from the martnet account to support@martnet.com requesting account cancellation. To avoid possible confusion regarding the date of cancellation, we cannot accept termination requests in advance of the date of cancellation. Please notify us on the day you would like your account to be terminated. If this presents a problem, feel free to explain your extenuating circumstances. Include a telephone number where we can reach you to confirm your identification.

How do I change the reply to address in Outlook Express? 
First, go into tools, then accounts. Select the 'MAIL' tab, then 'properties' This will bring up your Martnet mail settings. In the box labeled "Reply Address" simply enter the email address you wish to be replied to. Select 'Apply' then 'Okay' and you're finished!

How do I check my MartNet Website statistics? 
Just type http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/stats (replace YOURDOMAIN with, well.. your domain name.)

How do I correctly call a cgi script from within a secure form?  
Please use: https://www1.martnet.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/your_user_name/YOUR-SCRIPT.cgi Make sure to replace where it says your_user_name with the name of your account and YOUR-SCRIPT.cgi with the name of your script.

How do i create meta tags?  

An easy way to help increase the number of hits you get to your site is to use keyword meta tags in your HTML.

Here's an example:

< meta NAME="keywords"
CONTENT="Jane Doe's free tips and tricks on grooming your
cat" > 

Most search engines will look for the key words and phrases you specify in your meta tags and index your site and pages accordingly. It's always wise to select words that you think people will use in search engines when looking for your site.

How do I get a MartNet account? 
You can sign up via the Web. For more info, see Our Signup Form. I recommend that you then send an email to support@martnet.com telling us the username you used, so we may expedite your account setup process.

How do I get a secure form to send encrypted email?  
You would use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) for that. Please see:http://web.mit.edu/network/pgp.html

How do I have my domain name that I registered elsewhere pointed at my MartNet hosted web site?  

You need to tell the registrar what our nameservers are. Everything you need to know can be found right here.

How do I know how much space I have left on my account?   

You can check your quota using the quota tool in the MartNet WebAdmin control panel.


You can check it via the shell by typing:
server:~$ quota -v

How do I log in to my MartNet WebAdmin control panel? 
Go to http://webadmin.martnet.com/ and select either WebAdmin for Dial up Customers or WebAdmin for Virtual Hosting Customers. Then log in with your username and password. Note: account names do not include "@martnet.com" or "@YOURDOMAIN.com:"

How do I pay for my MartNet account? 
We accept checks, money orders, gold bullion, and credit cards. Users paying by credit card should be automatically billed on a monthly or yearly basis. Users paying by check need to send checks in on a monthly or yearly basis. Please include a note with the check listing the username of the account for which you are paying. If you need an invoice for business purposes, please send your invoice request to support@martnet.com. We do plan to implement an automatic email invoicing system at some point, but it isn't in place at this time.

How do I pick the best CGI? 
1) Pick good, well written, easy to use scripts in the first place (Form Mail is one) 2) READ the documentation that comes with the script. 3) When you ask MartNet Support a question, and you get back a detailed response, TRY AND DO WHAT WE SUGGEST and if you have problems, let us know and BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE.

How do I ping a server? (Win95/98/NT) 

While connected to the Internet or if you're connected to any networked system, open a MS-DOS window and type 'ping' then the address you wish to check.

ping martnet.com

This will show you how fast the connection is to the address. The measurement is usually in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds= 1 second). A ping time of 100ms to 300ms is really fast.

How do I register www.schmoop.com?  
Well, technically, you aren't going to be registering www.schmoop.com at all. www.schmoop.com is a hostname, and you can only register a domain name - that's the schmoop.com part. If you are interested in domain name services, I suggest you check out the MartNet hosting page and then, once you have decided which service you prefer, you can call or email us (sales@martnet.com) and we'll register it for you.. That simple.

How do I renew my account? Why was I billed for another year? 
All annually billed accounts are renewed automatically on the anniversary date, unless we are notified of cancellation in advance of the anniversary date. This is stated in our Usage Agreement in the policy sections of the affected accounts.

How do I set up an autoresponder? 
We've changed the way our auto responder works, so please read carefully

Autoresponder can now be activated at the MartNet WebAdmin control panel.

-Log in with your username and password to the WebAdmin interface.
-In the "Mail" section, click on the button that's labeled "Email-Auto Responder". Enter the subject, the From address and the message and click "Enable Vacation" to turn it on. To Turn it off, just log back in and click "Disable Vacation"

How do I update my domain name registration information? 
There are two ways. Most of our customers call our customer care center by phone. We can then change and update any information you want. The other way is to call us and have a username and password set up for the the domains you have registered with us. Then you can log on to our Domain Manager and change the information through a web page.

How do I use frames with SSL?  
When using frames with ssl, a new window must be created otherwise ssl will not work.

How do I use SSL?    

All accounts include a secureweb directory. Your secure web directory is named:


where "username" isyour login, or account name.

If this directory does not exist, you can create it by either FTP'ing a directory called secure_pages into your public_html folder, or Secure Shell to www.martnet.com, OR www.yourdomain.com if you have a Virtually Hosted Web Site with us, log in with your username and password, and type:

mkdir public_html/secure_pages

Yoursecure web URL is:


where "servername"is the name of the server your account is on. An example secureweb URL might be:


How does my "catch all" (or wildcard) email alias work? 
By default, the main account on a Martnet Virtual Hosting account is set up to recieve any email that's addressed to any non-specified email address at your domain. For example: if your main hosting account is "you@yoursite.com", mail addressed to ANYTHING@yoursite.com ("support@yoursite.com", "feedback@yoursite.com", "random@yoursite.com", etc) will go to the "you" mailbox. You can also set up a program like Outlook or Eudora to let you appear as any of these name when you send email. You just set up an account with the same exact configuration as your main email account, but just change the "email address" to whichever address you want to use.

How I can query my mySQL database directly for debugging purposes?    
SSH to the server and log in using your account name and password. It will be the password that you chose when the mySQL database was created. Then invoke the mySQL monitor with the following command:

/usr/bin/mysql --user=youracct -p youracct

Where youracct is your account name.

How to I get my page seen in a search engine? 
As you are well aware, there is an art to finding things on the Web. If you or your company have a website, and you want to increase the chances of being found, be sure to use Page Titles. The majority of search engines index and rate your site using the home page's title as the starting point. The best way to be noticed and get indexed is to make your page's title between 5 and 15 words in length. It should include your company and/or product names and a short phrase describing yourself and/or your company.

I am interested in trying some new things using PHP & mySQL on According to some random tutorial I was reading on MySQL, I need to either use ssh (or telnet) to log into the host and use the MySQL client programs (mysql, mysqladmin, mysqldump, etc.) installed there to interact with the MySQL server directly, or install those client programs on my own computer and have them connect to the MySQL server. Which of these methods do you support? Do I need to acquire a separate separate set of login & password info to access MySQL server?    
You can use the mysql clients on OUR server (use secure shell to connect. MartNet does not support TELNET - it is NOT secure!...) For security reasons we restrict remote client connections. Note that most web developers choose to use some other middleware system (PHP, perl, java, C, python) for MySQL database operations, though you are also free to use the command line client as well.

You DO need to call the office to get a MySQL database set up. The database name and database user name will be the same as your MartNet user name but you will need to pick a password - MySQL stores it's user/password info internally, so the password is seperate (and can be different from) your existing account password.

I am using PHP on my website and can't get it to write or delete files. I have double-checked the permissions for the file and directory, and they both have "rwx" privileges set. Why can't I write / delete files with PHP?    
PHP by default runs as the web user (www-data) and not as the user that owns a particular file. In short, PHP can't modify files owned by you. You can also run php scripts as a CGI (through CGI-Wrap; just change the first line of the script to:
#!/usr/local/bin/php, ala perl CGI's...) so the script runs as you, and will have full read/write access to anything in your home directory. PHP does run slower as a CGI, but it is the only way to securely write files (or delete them) in your home directory. You may want to consider writing a simple PHP script as a CGI (or perl or even a shell script) that only does file writes and deletes (and pass file names as a variable to that script) and call that CGI from your other PHP scripts using the "virtual" directive.

I can receive mail from my MartNet virtual hosted email account, but when I try to send I get a "server not found" error message. I am connecting though another ISP (DSL, dial up or otherwise) and not a MartNet dial up account. Why can't I send mail? 
The problem could be that your ISP blocks traffic on port 25, which is the port that email is sent out on. Many ISP's block traffic on port 25 to stop spammers from abusing their mail servers. NetZero, Comcat, Earthlink, At&T and many other large ISP's do this. If you are unable to send, but can receive, you may want to contact the ISP that provides your connection to the internet and ask them if they block port 25 and how you can send your mail. Most of the time it's just a matter of changing your "outgoing" or SMTP server to the SMTP server of your ISP. For example, instead of having your outgoing mail server be set to POSTOFFICE.YOUDOMAIN.COM, you would set it to smtp.comcast.net or smtp.netzero.net (depending on your ISP).
UPDATE: It appears AOL is blocking port 25 traffic now too. See this page for more details: http://support.martnet.com/content.php?get=194

I don't want my real name on my account, can you change it for me?  
The full name associated with a username is a user configurable option. To change the full name, eg, the part that shows up as "in real life" when your account is fingered, and on your email, and on our list of users with web pages, if you have one, you will type chfn at the unix prompt, as shown in this example: merv:~$ chfn Changing finger information for user on merv.martnet.com. Default values are printed inside of '[]'. To accept the default, type To have a blank entry, type the word 'none'. Name [user]: your name here Here, user changed her full name to "your name here," resulting in: merv:~$ finger user Login name: someguy In real life: your name here Directory: /home/user Shell: /usr/local/bin/bash It's easy to change your full name, and some people have a lot of fun with it. Go ahead. Try it. You'll like it.

I forgot my password. What should I do? 
Call us at 215 551-3552. We'll ask some questions to make sure you really are who you say you are, and assign a new password for you.

I had files in my directory and they are missing. Can you restore them?  
*ouch* that hurts. Well, if the files are missing due to a MartNet system error - eg, if it is our fault - you can write to support@martnet.com and ask us to restore them from our backups, and we may be able to do that. If you typed rm * by accident, no. We can't restore all the files that users accidentally delete, much as we feel your pain and would like to help. Sorry.

I have been reading online about Verizon's new email policy: "Verizon e-mail servers will not deliver any mail originated by Verizon customers unless they have an e-mail address that ends in verizon.net, bellatlantic.net, or a ''domain name'' corresponding to a World Wide Web domain hosted by Verizon." I have Verizon DSL. What's up with this?    
You can still use MartNet Hosting Services and your Virtually Hosted E-Mail to send mail which appears to come from your MartNet account (ie. YOURNAME@YOURDOMAIN.com ) with Verizon DSL or most other ISP's.
FIrst, make sure your OUTGOING MAILSERVER is set to YOURDOMAIN.COM (where YOURDOMAIN.COM is any domain of yours hosted here at MartNet.) You must check your email account first, then you can send your outgoing email. You will only be able to send mail for a short while after checking your mail.

NOTE: If you get an error such as "YOURDOMAIN.COM" (or whatever your outgoing mailserver is set to) COULD NOT BE CONTACTED; THE SERVER MAY BE DOWN or some similar medssage, Your ISP may be blocking ALL mail traffic to foreign mail servers (including ours.) Our mail server isn't down - you're ISP is blocking your access to it. Some ISP's do this in an attempt to slow the spread of spam (this method DOES NOT work...), or to force their ISP customers to also subscribe to their own Web Hosting Services. We recommend that you contact your ISP for assistance and/or to complain about this.

I have been receiving increasing amounts of spam mail recently, and I was wondering if there are any particular settings on the shell account, or webmail or otherwise that would enable me to filter out junk mail. 
We offer SpamAssassin for all of our users email accounts to help them block spam. Check out our SPAM FAQ page at http://www.martnet.com/spam for more information on how you can stop spam.

I have created some files that I want to use on my web site. The files work great until I upload them to my site at Martnet and a .bin is added to the end of the file name, and the files don't work. What gives?  
Sounds like you're using a Mac, and you have your FTP client (Fetch?) set up to automatically encode the file in MacBinary format before uploading. Find this option somewhere in your FTP program's preferences and disable it. Be sure to upload any binary files (ie: .jpg, .gif, .swf, .mp3, etc.) as raw data. You may be given the option at the time of upload.

I keep getting spammed (spam is unsolicited junk mail)! Why do you let people send me this junk?? Can't you stop it? 
Check out our SPAM FAQ page at http://www.martnet.com/spam for more information on how you can stop spam.

I try to get to webmail via my domain, and I get a '404 page not found' error. What's wrong? 
The link yourdomain.com/webmail is case sensitive. "webmail" must be typed in lower case, or you will get an error message.

I was curious about setting up a mailing list for my MartNet Hosted Web Site. I was wondering, what sort of mail program do you use? Do you have any kind of included scripts for handling mailing lists? If not, what would you suggest would be appropriate for setting one up?    
MartNet does not maintain any sort of mailing lists, so we have no use for nor do we recommend any particular mailing list package.

HOWEVER, A number of our virtual hosting customers do use DadaMail (http://mojo.skazat.com). It is free, open source, simple to set up, and has a very nice, intuitive, Web based management interface. Setting DadaMail up if you choose to use it is your responsibility. Be sure to read the README.txt file that comes with the package and follow all instructions. Refer to the DadaMail web site and the MartNet Support Site (using your own custom CGI's at http://support.martnet.com/content.php?get=66) if you have any questions about how to set up DadaMail or any other CGI of your choosing.

There are only 3 settings in the CONFIG.pm file you need to set, and the rest can be configured from the Web interface (be sure to set permissions properly when uploading the files!) The path to the nesessary mail program is "/usr/lib/sendmail" which is DadaMail's default, so you don't even need to set that variable.

I'd like to use EmbPerl scripts on my site. I tried to place them in my cgi-bin directory, but they won't run.
what file extension do I need to use?
where do I need to put the scripts?
what permissions do the scripts need?
What else do I need to do?
The file extension must be either .epl or .eperl to use Embedded Perl (ie: index.eperl or index.epl). The files can be anywhere EXCEPT in your cgi-bin directory, and permissions should be chmoded 644 (read/write by you, readable by everyone else. The file does NOT need to be executable.) eperl files are server parsed, just like .shtml and php scripts, and with the exception of the embeded perl code, function just like any other html document (and not like cgi scripts.) It's that simple! Of course, you still need to know perl and it's command syntax, but that's a whole different ballgame (many books and Web Sites have information about programming in perl).

I'm getting a "4.2.10 - Access denied Error" with MySQL. I KNOW I'm using the right password... What's going on?    
If you are using the "mysql" command in your Linux shell and trying to export or import data to/from external files, YOU NEED TO SPECIFICALLY ASK US TO TURN ON EXTERNAL FILE CAPABILITIES (send mail to support@martnet.com with your Domain Name, user name and MySQL database name.) We turn off external file access for security reasons, as the majority of our MySQL users use some sort of a WWW front end (ie: PHP, perl, java, etc.) to access and manage theitr databases, and when using these systems, they have their own internal mechanisms for importing and exporting data and writing files.

Also note that we have a Web based MySQL client installed for your use at http://www.YOURDOMAINNAME.com/mysql-administration (where YOURDOMAINNAME is any domain you have hosted here at MartNet.) When prompted for your username and password, be sure to use the MySQL username and MySQL password you chose when setting up your database - this login and password is seperate from your system account login and password!

I've received notice that my domain name is about to expire, what now? 

For all those who have registered domains through, or transferred to, MartNet, you will get 3 warnings of pending expiration. At 60 days, 30 days, and one day prior to the domain expiring, notices are sent to the listed contact's email address.

This means that if you have changed, lost, added, or deleted email addresses, you should call MartNet immediately and verify that your listed contact email is one you currently have access to!

All you have to do is respond to this email with a brief "Yes, please renew that." There is no need to wait until the last minute because no time is lost: the renewal extends the registration for one year, it does not start the registration period of one year. So if your domain expires in May of 2004, and you renew it in January of 2004, the new expiration is May of 2005 - not January.

If we hear nothing in response to any of these emails, no action will be taken. The domain will expire. After that, going to www.yourdomain.whatever will result in a great big "no such website" message, even though nothing has happened to your files; the internet just won't know where they are.

Important Note

You may receive notice via email or "real" mail that your domain is about to expire, you should respond right away to renew it, send your personal information right away, appear to come from "Renewal Center" or "Domain Management" or some such. These are frauds and lies. We do not need you to send your personal information; we have it already. We will never send you anything that does not clearly identify itself as being from martnet. All we need is a response to the notices mentioned above, and we take care of the rest. Do not be tricked into transferring your domain elsewhere or sending out personal information to get added to spam lists! While misleading and unethical, if you authorize another company or individual to take your domain, there's legally nothing we can do about it. Be careful!

Is there a perl API for mySQL?    

The mysql perl API which comes with mysql is installed.

For more information refer to the documentation at http://support.martnet.com/mysql/

For more information about the Perl API, refer to the Mysql user documentation

Here is a quick demonstration of a generic query:


	use Mysql;

        if ( ! ( $gDBH = Mysql->Connect("servername",
                "database","passwd","user") ) )
                die "SQL Error: $Mysql::db_errstr";

        my $sth = $gDBH->query( "select * from tablename" );

        if ( ! defined $sth )
                die "SQL Error: $Mysql::db_errstr";

        for (;;)
                my %hash;
                last if ! ( %hash = $sth->FetchHash() );

                foreach $key ( sort keys %hash )
                        printf( "%16s: %sn", $key, $hash{$key} );

                print "n";

I'm using a SFTP (secure FTP) program and I can't seem to connect, but I can connect fine through regular FTP, what's up with that?   
If you are using a Secure FTP program and can't connect, you probably need to have shell access turned on for your account. It's turned off by default for all new accounts, and if you want to have it turned on, give a call to our Customer Care Center.

My PHP3 files are all coming up with errors, what happened to PHP3?   
As of August 1st, we have turned off the PHP3 intrepreter on our webhosting servers. We have supported PHP since 1996 and we felt that it was time to finally move over to PHP4 as PHP3 is no longer being maintained and it is insecure. If your code has been written correctly, you shouldn't really have to worry about an errors, but if so, audit your code carefully to solve any problems.

What advantage, if any, is there to a secure page using SSL?  
The page and any response using forms on it are encrypted in transit so that eavesdroppers which may observe raw traffic passing throughtheir networks can't read it. This is especially useful in shared environments, such as a college campus or a large office which uses standard 10 base T ethernet hubs or thin ethernet, where all machines can see all traffic.The use of a secure form increases the willingness of people to submit orders online using their credit card, which means increased sales for you!

What are the rules around here? I never got a copy! 
The basic rules are available online here . Please check them out and feel free to write in with comments or questions.

What cgi scripts are available? Is there a counter?  
We are in the process of building a CGI library for general use. All Web Hosting and Dial-up accounts come with the ability to run your own CGI's.

What does SSL mean?    
SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol used for authenticating and encrypting web traffic. For web traffic to be authenticated means that your browser is able to verify the identity of the remote server. For web traffic to be encrypted means that traffic between the server and your browser is scrambled so that it is unintelligible if intercepted.

What is my username? Is it my email address?? 
Your username is the up to eight character all lowercase word you use in combination with your password to log into your MartNet account. It is also the part of your email address before the @ sign. Your email address is in the format username@martnet.com

What is the MartNet Domain Manager? 
The MartNet Domain Manager is a web page where you can edit the information for the domains you have registered through MartNet. It can be found here http://www.martnet.com/domainmanager To log into the Domain Manager, you must first set up a username and password by sending e-mail to support@martnet.com

What is the name of my mySQL database?    
Your mySQL database name and database user name are the same as your administrative account logon (name). ie: joeuweb

What's the format for date/time for cron?  
There are six things, all seperated by spaces. For example, it might look like this: 01 3 4 * scriptname Each of those values is as follows: 1. minute of the hour, 00 to 59 2. hour of the day, 00 to 32 (military time) 3. day of the month, 1 to 31 4. month of the year, 1 to 12 5. day of the week, sun, mon, tue,.... 6. actual command to execute * an asterisk that matches all possible values, * a single integer that matches that exact value, * a list of integers separated by commas (no spaces) used to match any one of the values * two integers separated by a dash (a range) used to match any value within the range.

When I access my secure site, I get a message that says "One of the Certificates Has Expired." How do I fix that?  
The Thawte root secure certificates embedded in Netscape Navigator 3.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and earlier expired in July 1998.All root certificates will eventually expire and will need to be updated. To keep up with this, certificate issuers give software manufacturerstheir latest certificates to include in new releases of their browsers.Users of Netscape Navigator 3.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and earlier can upgrade their browsers by following the instructions at:http://www.thawte.com/certs/server/rollover.html It takes 2 minutes and means you will no longer experience any problems accessing the millions of web sites with Thawte secure certificates.Less than 2% of all installed browsers are effected by this.

Where do I install and how do I call secure cgi scripts?  
The cgi scripts are placed in your cgi-bin and called using the URL: https://www1.martnet.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/your_user_name/YOUR-SCRIPT.cgi

Why can I use https://www1.martnet.com/~accountname but not https://virtualhostname ?  
The digital certificates used in SSL are issued by certificate authorities (such as VeriSign). A digital certificate will only work for the specific domain name it was issued for. To obtain a digital certificate you must prove that you have the legal right to use the domain name the certificate is to be issued for, prove that you are who you say you are (for a corporation you may be required to provide its articles of incorporation), and pay the necessary fee ($125 for the first year if you use Thawte) to the certificate authority. We have purchased digital certificates for all of our web servers to save you the cost, delay, and difficulty of obtaining a certificate. To takeadvantage of our preinstalled digital certificates you must use the domain name of OUR server (www.martnet.com) in your https (SSL) URL. If you would like to use your own Domain Name with SSL URL's (ie: https://www.yourdomain.com) you must get your own Digital Certificate. We can help you do this, and set it up to work properly with our Web Servers.

Why can't I have adult content (pornography) on my site? 
It's a matter of watching out for our other customers' best interest. Since the machine(s) that houses web-hosting accounts hosts a wide variety of business and personal pages, we try and make sure that the server isn't blocked by any 'parental controls' or office networks.

Why can't you guys change my user name? 
Sometimes we can. If you are a "dial up" customer, it will cost you $6. If it's just a mail account, we can usually just switch it over for free. However, if you want to change the username of your primary account where your website is hosted, it will require an additional fee because of the reconfiguration that we'd have to do. Give us a call and we can figure out the cost and also if you really need to do it. In most of the cases where customers have requested a username change, they found out they didn't need to at all.

Why do I need a web page? 
Determine the purpose of your WebSite A company web site is a virtual storefront that presents the ideals and services of your company to a global audience. Weather you are creating a brand new site for your company, or redesigning an existing site, you first should have a clear idea of what you want your site to accomplish.Target your audience - Remember that people who visit your site are interested in only one thing - "What's in it for me?" They don't care about your family, pets, degrees or anything else until you satisfy their needs first. Once you've helped them, then they might want to know more about you or your company. So, don't spend most of your budget on pages which are only important to you. The very first step in getting on the Web is to get a general idea of what you want your site to accomplish. Don't concentrate on details such as where graphics will be placed, what colors to use or how many pages there will be. Instead, try to determine your overall objectives. At a minimum, you need to resolve the following: The goal of your site. The budget range. Who your audience is. Required features. A site similar in size to what you want. A site similar in look and feel to what you want. A list of your competitors sites. Keep in mind that this is the document which you'll send to prospective designers in order to get an estimate. If you will be designing the site in-house, this document will help you better manage the project. If you will be designing the site yourself, this document will serve as a foundation and keep you focused on the more important aspects of your site. The more details you can provide, the more accurate the pricing will be. What is a website anyway? 1.A way to tell people about yourself 2.A way to interest people in your products or services 3.A way to expand your market reach 4.A way to share information with your clients and prospects - either through a completely open site or through a password protected site. 5.A way to sell your products 6.A way to expand your business

Why doesn't my backspace key work?  
This is generally a user configurable item in your terminal emulation software and/or your .login file. This means you need to coordinate your terminal software to your stty erase command. The default value of the stty erase setting here is ^? Make sure your terminal software is set to vt100 or vt102. If you are using the slipdisk.exe software, a helpful user suggests that in addition: The trick is to set the selection for the backspace key to 'DEL' not 'BS' ; then the backspace key works (but not the delete key). How: Choose Settings (menu bar) Then go into Default (or Current) Settings Go into Keyboard folder and choose the 'DEL' radio button instead of the 'BS' button.

Why is that when I try to access a secure web page on your server my browser shows an error message sayingsomething about an "unknown authority", and won't load the page.  
We use Thawte verification certificates on all our Secure Web Servers. Because at one time the only certifying agency was Verisign, older web browsers will only recognize secure certificates from them. To avoid getting error messages in the future you should add Thawte's certificateto your database of CA's (Certificate Authorities) http://www.thawte.com/serverbasic.crt

Why is the contact email on my domain name record listed as "username@WWW1.MARTNET.COM" and not "usernam@YOURDOMAIN.COM"? 
The contact email "username@www1.martnet.com" listed on your domain registration is actually a working email address that points to your the primary name mail account. We have to register the domains this way, because a currently vaild email address must be used when registering the domain. The "@www1.martnet.com" email address is valid as soon as you account is activated, but the '@yourdomain.com' address is not valid until the domain is registered and has propogated through the internet.

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