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In loving memory and tribute..

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Welcome. Although the recent tragedy on the east coast has effected the entire nation, very few of us feel that we are able to help those truly victimized by these attacks in significant ways. We give blood, support, hope and thoughts.. and though this rarely seems like it is enough there is very little more that most of us can do.

With these limitations in mind, I offer memorial ribbons to the web community. Please feel free to download and display these ribbons and banners on your web sites to show your support for those in need, and in memory of ones who have perished.

I will be updating banner and ribbon content as I make new images and would greatly appreciate anyones' assistance in mirroring this web site, as there is fear of server overload if the demand becomes high. If you have the bandwidth to host images which can be linked directly from your server, please contact me, as much of our web community can greatly benefit from this service (and being able to simply cut and paste code into their pages).

Contact me

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are you allowing advertisements on this site? It's disrespectful!
A: I am not allowing advertisements on this site, it is a requirement of those who are hosting the page. Because the web space here is free, Geocities uses advertisements to gain their revenue and to continue being able to host sites such as these at no charge. If you are truly bothered by this fact, please feel free to MIRROR this site at another location which is advertisement free.

Q: Are you working on getting a domain of your own?
A: Yes, I am.. but these things take time, money and support. The Memorial Ribbon site has only been up for about 12 hours as of this FAQ update. In order to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible I opted to release the ribbons here rather than wait for a domain name and hosting service.

Q: Why is the page so ugly? (People have ACTUALLY asked me that.)
A: The page is simple, direct, and easily mirrored. The point of this movement is to get the images out on the web and into peoples hearts, not to wow you with my impressive web design skills. If that is what you are interested in, this is not the site for you.. though I invite you to include a memorial ribbon on your own web masterpiece should you have created one.

Q: Can I submit images of my own?
A: Yes. I have included my transparent PSD file, which once created has since been used to make all these images. It is in Photoshop 5 format, and to my knowledge can only be edited with a Photoshop program. Please send your ribbon creations to for submission on the site.

Q: What sites should I link my ribbon to?
A: That is something I have left up to you. Some suggestions:

Emergency Contact/Relief Info
PayPal online donations relief fund
NY Firefighter's Memorial Fund
Red Cross Online donation form
Memorial Ribbon Site

Q: Why do some of the images look worse than others?
A: Lots of reasons. Firstly, I created them all on a laptop with an LCD screen.. which is far from professional graphic material. Also, the time it took to make the ribbons.. I began working on them at about 6pm Sept 13th and had the site up by 9pm that night. Unless you have a white background I suggest using the simplest of the ribbons for your site, at least until I can create cleaner versions of the others.

Q: Why does the site go down all the time?
A: One word; Traffic. Geocities has transfer quotas on its web sites, and as this site gains popularity it may be shutting down more and more. A list of mirror sites can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q: Who do I give credit to on my site for the ribbons?
A: There is no need to credit me personally. If you still feel the need to give credit somewhere, feel free to include my email address and the web address of this web site.

Mirror Sites: - In whole or in part, the following sites have offered their support:

I would also like to extend a special thanks go to the following people for helping make this site possible: Gary, Ben


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