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Dial-Up Internet Access Features
All MartNet Dial-Up Accounts come with the following features:

Industry Standard PPP Connection
Reliable UNLIMITED dial-up Internet Access for home or small office use.

  • Access is unlimited - no need to watch the clock
  • Industry Standard PPP Connection - run any Internet application, including Web Browsers, Mail Readers, Chat programs, Video Conferencing, and thousands of others.
  • Our modems support all industry asynchronous modem standards (v.90 56K, v.34, v.32, etc.) AND Single Channel ISDN in most areas for the fastest dynamic Internet connections possible
  • All digital dial-ups served by multiple DS-3's for the fastest possible Internet access
  • Low user-to-modem ratio
  • Port servers on standby for busy times, virtually eliminating busy signals
  • Our service is Easy to set up! All modern Operating Systems come with everything you need pre-installed. We use Industry Standard Internet Access protocals (PPP) that don't take over your computer.

    All MartNet Dial-up Accounts come with one free E-Mail box.

    • Every MartNet account comes with an e-mail account accessible via any POP3 or IMAP mail reader, such as Netscape, MS Outlook or Exchange, and Eudora.
    • With MartNet Web Mail you can also send and check mail via any Web Browser, from any location!
    • Spam Filters (user configurable) are available with every MartNet e-mail account
    • Web Based Account Control Panel is available to set up or change most account features.


    Personal Web Page
    All MartNet Dial-up Accounts come with space for your own personal Web Page.

    • We run Apache Web Servers at MartNet, so you can set up a personal web page and be sure that the entire world can view it quickly and reliably
    • Access to your own cgi-bin
    • Perl, EmbPerl, PHP, Python enviornments are installed
    • Wide selection of GNU programming tools available to develop your own Cgi's
    • We maintain a collection of "canned" Cgi's that can be set up quickly and easily for use with your web page - No programming experience required!
    • Personal Dial-up accounts are for personal (ie: not commercial) use only. If you require business class features such as your own Domain Name, Site Statistics, etc. we offer several Web Hosting Account packages that have the features you are looking for.


    10 MB Disk Space
    Space for all your Personal files.

    • 10 megabytes of space included with every account - Enough space to store 10,000 average e-mail messages, hundreds of Web pages, or over an hour worth of highly compressed audio files!
    • If 10 megabytes of space isn't enough, additional disk space can be purchased at a discounted rate.

    For more information or to order any MartNet Service, please call our Sales Office at 408-MARTNET or send mail to sales@martnet.com.
    Please read the MartNet Usage Agreement and the Rules governing Use of your MartNet Account before signing up for any service.

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