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Domain Name Services From MartNet

get your own .com

a $70 value! *

Additional domains are only $15 each (per year, billed annually, when purchased with any MartNet Hosting Service). Price INCLUDES the registration fee

Now, If you sign up for a 6 month prepaid web hosting package, you get a free domain name! (a $70 value *). If you are already a MartNet web hosting customer and you want to add additional domain names, it's only $15.
Call us today for details or to sign up!


Reserve your Domain for future use for only $15 per year!**

* Network Solutions (NSI's) charge for a new, two year pre-paid Domain Name Registration is $70

Domain Name Registration, Parking, and Hosting
(i.e: www.yourdomain.com)

You can have your own personal domain name for use with your Web site and e-mail address. We can register your new domain with OpenSRS, our preferred registration service (and the lowest priced) within minutes, and have it up and running and accessible worldwide within 48 hours (usually less!) With your own Domain Name, your World Wide Web address will be www.yourdomain.com and your E-mail address will be yourname@yourdomain.com (instead of www.martnet.com/~username and username@martnet.com.) When setting up a personal or commercial site, your own domain can be an inexpensive and powerful marketing tool. MartNet can provide for all of your Domain Name Hosting needs.

Martnet will gladly assist you in registering your domain name using OpenSRS, one of the Domain Name registration Services responsible for .com, .net, .org, and .edu domains. Their current price for Domain Name Registration from Martnet is $15 a year and it will be added to your regular Martnet bill. If you would like to use another registration service, you must register the domain yourself (follow the guidelines below to be sure you submit the correct information to them) and we will be happy to host it for you.

A domain name consists only of yourdomain.com The first part of an address (ie: www.yourdomain.com) is the Machine Name associated with the Domain. When we set up a Domain for you, by default we set up the following machine names to be used with your Domain. They are all aliases that point to the same machine and account, but follow standard Internet naming conventions for the sake of convenience.

  • www.yourdomain.com is the standard Web address.
  • ftp.yourdomain.com is the standard FTP server name.
  • postoffice.yourdomain.com is the standard POP3 server name. Set this option in your E-mail client so that it appears to the recipient that mail is coming from yourdomain.com instead of martnet.com.
  • user@yourdomain.com is format of your E-mail address. If you have multiple mail accounts with us, they will all share this format.

We can set up additional Machine Name Aliases upon request. All of these addresses will point to the same management account unless otherwise noted or specified when the Domain is set up. If you want any aliases, alternate machine names, etc., please let us know when setting up Domain Name Hosting Service with MartNet. You get one free update to your DNS setup (adding machine names, aliases, etc.) per month. There is a $5 charge for each additional change to help cover the labor involved. Since MartNet hosts the Domain and specifies machine names, you are free to choose additional machine aliases at any time, and changes will take effect throughout the Internet immediately under most circumstances..

Obtaining a new domain and hosting it at MartNet

Getting your own Domain Name and hosting it at MartNet is very simple. MartNet will handle the registration and setup of any new Domain that will be hosted on our servers.
To have MartNet register and host a new Domain Name for you, simply call MartNet toll free and tell us you want your own Domain! We can check availability and reserve your new domain right then and there! Click Here to go to the Internic Whois search engine and see if the Domain you want is available, and for help in choosing a domain name. We will register your new Domain Name and designate you as the Billing and Administrative contact for the Domain (so you have full control and responsibility for the Domain) and we will set up our servers to host the Domain and point all Mail and Web traffic destined for your new Domain to your new MartNet account.
Before we register a Domain Name for you, you must provide the following information:
Domain to be registered
Name (of owner / administrator of the Domain)
Business Name (if applicable)
Billing Address
Phone Number
E-mail Address used for managing the Domain (if not your new MartNet address.)
Once we have this information, we will be able to register your new Domain Name.

Your rights and responsibilities

When we register your Domain, you are designated as the Administrative and Billing contact. This gives you full control and rights to the Domain Name as specified by OpenSRS or whatever registration service you choose.
You are responsible for paying all associated registration fees associated with the Domain. MartNet Communications provides only Domain Name Hosting Service, and does not have any obligation or responsibility above and beyond hosting the Domain. Failure to pay registration fees will result in the Domain Name Registration being canceled and the Domain Record being removed from all Internet root DNS Servers. This will effectively render your domain useless. MartNet Communications accepts no responsibility for problems arising due to the failure to follow the rules and regulations of the Registration service, including but not limited to failure to pay the registration fee for a new Domain, or the annual registration fee for an existing Domain.
Ownership and Use of a Domain Name is governed by the rules and regulations of the Registration Service used to obtain the Domain Name. MartNet Communications accepts no responsibility for misuse of a registered domain, or violation of the rules of the registration service. MartNet Communications provides Domain Name Hosting Services only. The Domain Name itself is the responsibility of the legal owner of the Domain name.

For more information or to order any MartNet Service, please call our Sales Office at 408-MARTNET or send mail to sales@martnet.com.
Please read the MartNet Usage Agreement and the Rules governing Use of your MartNet Account before signing up for any service.

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