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MartNet Dedicated Linux Server Hosting
let MartNet manage and maintain your mission critical Internet servers

Price: Variable Setup Charge, Monthly price based on flat fee per server plus additional bandwidth surcharge

Need a fast, powerful, private, configurable, secure Web, E-mail, Database, File, and Commerce server connected to the Internet via high speed dedicated connections? Don't have the desire, time, or resources to purchase, set up, and maintain your own Server? MartNet offers entry level Dedicated Server Services using the RaQ from Sun / Cobalt Networks. We also custom build systems (based on Intel processors and the Linux distro of your choice) to meet any needs for power, speed, and redundancy in a managed server. You provide the content, we provide you with your own private, secure server and keep it running, all at price any business can afford!

MartNet's Dedicated Server pricing is based on a flat monthly fee, plus fees for excessive bandwidth usage. Instead of paying one high monthly fee for "unlimited" bandwidth, our sliding scale ensures you only pay for the service you actually use, with plenty of room to grow! Monthly bandwidth pricing is based on the Average Sustained Utilization (ASU) for the billed month. All dedicated servers have bandwidth burstable to full wire speeds for fast access to your Dedicated Server.

Flat fee per server:

The per-server charge includes rental of the Dedicated Server, all standard system maintenance and management, 64Kbps ASU of bandwidth (about 19 GB of data transfer per month) and automated backups (non-standard administration, disaster recovery, and programming services are available for an additional fee. backups are rotated weekly and are for disaster recovery purposes only. Long term backups and data archiving are the responsibility of the customer.)

Due to the constantly changing hardware market, hardware configurations are constantly changing. Please call MartNet for the latest price and configurations. The following guidelines can be used when estimating cost before you call us for an accurate quote:

Server Class Included bandwidth Monthly flat fee
Entry Level Server 64Kbps ASU (19 GB) $295
Mid-range Server 64Kbps ASU (19 GB) $395
High-end Server 64Kbps ASU (19 GB) $495
Custom Configuration 64Kbps ASU (19 GB) CALL FOR PRICE

Additional Bandwidth Usage Charges:
The following Rate Schedule applies to all Dedicated Servers:
ASU Data Transfer Usage Fee
64 Kbps 19 GB Included
128 Kbps 38 GB $175
256 Kbps 77 GB $350
384 Kbps 115 GB $525
512 Kbps 154 GB $700
640 Kbps 192 GB $875
768 Kbps 231 GB $1050
896 Kbps 269 GB $1225
1 Mbps (1024 Kbps) 308 GB $1440
* Kbps = thousands of BITS per second GB = GigaBYTES

Dedicated Server Hosting is priced according to a flat monthly fee plus a usage fee based on additional bandwidth used on a monthly basis. Instead of paying one high monthly fee for bandwidth you don't need, our sliding scale ensures you only pay for the service you actually use, with plenty of room to grow!

The first 19GB of data transfer are included in the flat monthly fee. Bandwidth is defined as the average amount of data, measured in bits, originating from or destined for the Dedicated Server(s) hosted at MartNet. All Dedicated Servers have speeds bursting to full line speed (10Mbps or 100Mbps) Bandwidth will be measured using any combination of network sniffers or bandwidth management utilities built in to MartNet's Network Infrastructure, including Ethernet Switches, routers, gateways, and any other equipment MartNet chooses to deploy for the purpose of Network management and Bandwidth Monitoring. An accurate and detailed report of bandwidth usage will be available online (via a private, password protected Web page), and presented to the Client in writing upon request.

Bandwidth above 1Mbps and up to 100Mbps per server is available and priced according to standard tiered rates. Additional discount s available for bandwidth requirements above 10Mbps. Please call MartNet for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions about MartNet Managed Server Services:

  1. At which location would our site / server(s) reside?
    401 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, in a MartNet-owned rack in Sungard, Inc.'s Peering and Co-location facility

  2. Who are your Internet Service Providers? Do you have redundant Internet connections? Are you connected to a high-speed Internet backbone?
    Sungard, who peers with Sprint, UUNet, AOL, AT&T, InterNAP, Worldcom, and other providers at 401 North Broad. Your server would be connected to a switch with redundant 100Mbps ethernet uplinks direct to Sungard's router in the peering facility.

  3. Why I should use you guys if you don't even own your own network?
    Sungard runs one of the best peering facilities we've seen ANYWHERE, and they are right up the street from MartNet's main office. We bundle their expertise at running networks with our expertise running and managing Internet servers, to offer the best product of its kind. Sure, you could rent a rack at Sungard or any other big Co-Lo provider and be responsible for your own servers, but that would probably cost a lot more than using us.

  4. Can I co-locate my own machine on your network?
    No. MartNet does not offer any sort of Co-Location services (only fully managed server services.) See the previous question if you want to know why.

  5. How fast is the data transferred? Do you utilize optical carriers or T connections? What percentage of available bandwidth do you use? Can your clients increase bandwidth on an as needed basis? If so, what are the costs associated with this?
    For Dedicated Managed Servers, 10 and 100Mbps connections are available. Bandwidth is charged by the industry standard ASU (Average Sustained Utilization) method. Cost is based per 128Kbps ASU, and starts at $175 per 128Kbps ASU. Clients can have as much bandwidth as they are willing to pay for. We can do bandwidth throttling by request.

  6. What types of servers do you use? How many Megabytes of disk space are provided? How many Gigabytes of data transfer are provided?
    All managed server services are Linux based
    . With a managed server, we can spec out hardware per your request and configure the box with however much disk space you need. We usually recommend Cobalt RaQ solutions or servers from VA Linux systems running Debian or Red Hat Linux, depending on your current and future proposed requirements.

  7. Is the server information backed up to tape regularly?
    Managed Servers are backed up daily to our clustered backup server, using tape, CD-R, and hard disk technologies, at our discretion. We can not send you copies of the backups of your specific server, but only restore files in the event of a problem (ie: you accidentally delete files.) Backups are stored for 1 week and are intended for disaster recovery purposes only. Long term backups are the responsibility of the customer.

  8. How much control do your clients have? How are your clients able to make site changes?
    For Managed Server Services, full control and root access is available after signing an acceptance of liability waiver (ie: MartNet no longer manages your server - you do, but our technicians are still available to help with problems.) Most customers do NOT need root access, and we can configure the server to allow whatever level of access the customer requests (via sudo for root user functions.) All standard Internet protocols are available for modifying your Web Site. ASP and MS Frontpage extensions for Unix are available with some Managed server packages.

  9. What are your security procedures? Do you use firewalls? Is there a secure transaction hosting option. What type of encryption do you utilize?
    We do not use a dedicated firewall for our IP network (we're an ISP and by default all IP protocols must be fully accessible.) We do use and mix and match of local and external IDS, local firewalls, rootcheck scripts, log analysis tools, etc. to maintain network and individual system security. These features are available on all dedicated servers. Our servers support standard public domain encryption protocols, and commercial protocols are available upon request. We do not offer any transaction processing packages per say, but we do have developers on staff who can help in choosing and implementing a commercial or open source transaction processing, or developing a custom solution. We also have a full time security expert on staff who can do risk analysis, penetration testing, etc.

  10. What type of hit tracking do you provide? Is there an additional fee associated with this?
    All hit tracking is the responsibility of the customer. We can install the Webalizer on any managed server for basic web log analysis, or install other tracking software or develop custom solutions per customer request.

  11. What type of uptime do you guarantee? Do you offer Service Level Agreements? Do you use automatic monitoring equipment?
    We do use automatic monitoring equipment, watchdog cards, and a series of shell scripts to keep servers running. There is no uptime guarantee or SLA. Network uptime is guaranteed by Sungard to be above 99.998%, but MartNet makes no such guarantees. We DO guarantee 1 hour response time by a MartNet engineer in case of catastrophic system failure.

  12. Do you allow root access?
    See above.

  13. Who are some of your clients? What industries do you service?
    See http://members.martnet.com for lists of client home pages who wish to be listed. We primarily service small businesses in and around Philadelphia.

  14. Do you utilize mailing list software? If so, what kind?
    No. Also, MartNet enforces a strict anti-spam (unsolicited mass mailing) policy, available at http://support.martnet.com/policy.

  15. What are you customer service hours? Are you available by phone in addition to e-mail during these hours?
    10AM to 6PM for phone. 24 hour emergency service is available for Managed Server customers; you will be given an e-mail address that pages the engineer on duty who will contact you immediately.

  16. What are the overall costs associated with your service? What are your set-up and monthly service fees?
    For managed server services, price varies depending on hardware and bandwidth required. As of 3/1/01, a Cobalt RaQ 4i with 256MB RAM, redundant ethernet connections, 30GB RAID with 128Kbps ASU bandwidth is $495 per month with a one year contract.

  17. Please address your disaster recovery plans.
    MartNet's Disaster Recovery plans are confidential. Rest assured, Sungard's Internet Peering Center (where MartNet houses all servers) is in the middle of their Philadelphia MegaCenter, one of the largest disaster recovery centers in the nation. MartNet's founder and CEO was a Network Engineer in Sungard's Disaster Recovery department before starting MartNet, and has developed MartNet's full Disaster Recovery plan.

  18. Do you partner with a design company? If so, how much do you/ they charge per hour? What time-frame do you guarantee?
    MartNet Communications LLC has it's own in-house design and consulting department. Please see design.martnet.com for more information. Per hour or per project charges and time frame guarantees are negotiated at an initial consultation.

For more information or to order any MartNet Service, please call our Sales Office at 408-MARTNET or send mail to sales@martnet.com.
Please read the MartNet Usage Agreement and the Rules governing Use of your MartNet Account before signing up for any service.

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