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Comprehensive Site Statistics from MartNet

Detailed Web Site Statistics - $4.95 per month

Note that Site Statistics come with most Virtual Hosting packages at no additional charge.

A basic hit counter comes free with all MartNet accounts, but a hit counter alone does not provide detailed information about who visits your site, when, or where from. This kind of information can be priceless if you are using a Web Presence to do business! With MartNet's Detailed Web Site Statistics option, you can keep track of not only the number of hits your site receives, but where the hits are coming from, when, and much more! Detailed color graphs present easy to understand statistical data about your Web Site.

Detailed Statistics are compiled once a week using Webalizer, our preferred Statistical Analysis Package, and can be viewed over the Web and printed out from any Web Browser. You have the option of making your statistics public or password protected to ensure privacy. Click Here for the Webalized statistics of www.martnet.com and see what you'll get for an extra $4.95 per month!

If you would like to have access to the raw Web Server Logs so that you can run your own analysis at your convenience, we can set this up for you at no additional charge. We can create Symlinks to the raw server logs, so you can read the logs and copy or download them for further analysis. The raw server logs will not count against your disk quota. Note that the logs are automatically rotated on the First day of each month, between midnight and 6 AM, so you will want to taylor your analysis accordingly.

For more information or to order any MartNet Service, please call our Sales Office at 408-MARTNET or send mail to sales@martnet.com.
Please read the MartNet Usage Agreement and the Rules governing Use of your MartNet Account before signing up for any service.

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