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Virtual Web Site Hosting Services
Open Source based Web Hosting on MartNet's powerful server farm

$24.95 per month / $24.95 set-up charge
Save over 20%! Get Six Months of Virtual Site Hosting for only $124.75 (pre-paid by check or money order only) and we'll include one FREE .com, .net, or .org Domain (new registrations OR when you transfer the Domain to MartNet's OpenSRS Registar Service) and waive the Setup Charge!

Our basic Hosting Package includes:

  • Your own .com, .net, or .org Domain name (registered FREE with 6 month package! a $70 value. Other top level domains, ie: .biz and .info are also available)
  • Four Additional E-Mail Boxes (accessible via MartNet WebMail and traditional mail programs) with User Configurable Spam Filters
  • Web Based Account Control Panel
  • Detailed Web Usage statistics (compiled daily) and access to raw Web Server logs
  • Catch-all e-mail alias
  • Powerful Linux Servers loaded with Open Source Development tools
  • Support for CGI, MySQL, PHP, E-perl, TCL, RUBY, perl, python, SSI, and more
  • Access to SSL Server for secure financial transactions
  • 200 MB of storage space
  • 2 GB of data transfer per month
  • And much more!


  • Our Web Servers reside in a Secure Data Center with multiple peering points to all major Internet backbones, with redundant battery and generator backups.
  • We support the latest Open Source Web Development technologies including MySQL, PHP, E-perl, perl, python, SSI, and more.
  • We do all the work of maintaining the servers and network, freeing you to create your site and build your business.
  • Inexpensive yet expandable. We can provide the necessary hosting and consulting services to help you grow.
  • Powerful, proven, Open Source foundation for your site.
  • FREE .com, .net, or .org Domain (a $70 value!)
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee

Additional Options:

  • Dial Up Access - $12.95 per month / $64.75 per 6 months
  • Additional Hosting Accounts - $19.95 per month / $99.75 per 6 months
  • Additional E-Mail Boxes (over 4) - $4.95 each per month / $29.70 per 6 months. Volume discounts are available for those who want to outsource all their company e-mail services to MartNet
  • Extra Disk Space - $9.95 per month per 50MB / $49.75 per 6 months
  • Additional bandwidth available allowing for more than 2 GB of data transfer - $.05 per MB

Domain Name Services:

  • Additional Domain Name Registration with Free DNS pointer to existing account (i.e. yourdomain.net, yourdomain2.com) - $15 per year for .com, .net, and .org Domains.
  • Additional Domain with DNS Pointer to sub directory on existing account (additional site within the same account space) - $10 per year (plus registration)
  • Machine Name Pointer (ie: support.yourdomain.com) to an existing site or sub directory on existing account - $10 per year
  • Domain Name Parking for pre-registered domain (i.e. not registered through Martnet) - $25 per year
  • Additional Domain with Parking Page (ex. "This site coming soon..") - FREE (you pay Domain registration fee)
  • Non-standard DNS record modifications(ie: changing MX mail routing, host pointers, and anything not specifically listed above) - $5 per domain

Using MartNet's Web Site Hosting Services you can:

  • Showcase your ideas, products or services on the Internet
  • Reach Millions of People
  • Sell your products via an on-line storefront that never closes
  • Build an impressive Web Site that meets the needs of your business, while incorporating the latest technology to stay one step ahead of your competition
  • Provide information to your potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Monitor the viewing of your Web Site. Track who visits your site, when, and where from, and determine if your Web Site is really helping your business grow
  • Grow your business

Once you have a Web Site, it needs to be hosted on a fast, reliable Server connected full time to the Internet and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with detailed statistics about who actually visits your site and how often. Web Site Hosting Services are available in several flavors, each tailored to meet your technical needs and budget. From a simple personal Web site, to a complex Business site incorporating on-line order processing and billing, rich multimedia features such as RealAudio and Internet Wave Audio, PHP, perl, and other CGI's, MartNet can satisfy all your Web Hosting Needs.

All sites are served by the powerful Apache Web Server Software running on Linux for maximum flexibility, speed, and reliability. We allow the running of your own CGI scripts and programs, and maintain a library of the most commonly used CGI's such as hit counters, discussion boards, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about MartNet Virtual Hosting

Is the 2 GB of data transfer per month divided up on a daily basis? My current ISP limits data transfer to 10MB per day, so if there is a spike in traffic my site will be shut down by afternoon. How do you handle excessive bandwidth users?

Our Bandwidth Monitoring / Usage Charges are based on monthly usage, tabulated overnight on the first of each month. We don't throttle or shut off your site - we charge for the additional bandwidth and just add it to your next bill.

Do you provide SMTP and POP server access for virtually hosted domains?

We provide POP service and, if you are not dialing up using a MartNet dial up account, SMTP service is available through POP before SMTP. You also have access to SMTP through dial-up, Web Mail, and direct access to the mail server via any Web Development installed on our server, ie: perl, php, etc. So we provide a lot of options.

My current ISP aliases names on POP mailboxes. If I name a mailbox "me@mydomain.com" it is actually an alias to "me123@mydomain.com". So things get screwy if I try to send mail from a web based form. Do you use the same type of aliasing?

We can and do upon request (which might be necessary if the user name "me" is taken...) With shared hosting, we can't duplicate logon (user) names on the same system. With our Managed Hosting, you get your own system, so user name conflicts aren't a problem...

Can I run cron jobs on scripts?

Yes. We fully support cron.

Can Perl scripts be run from outside a cgi-bin directory or is it a strict policy to keep them in the cgi-bin directory?

No. CGI's on our shared hosting servers must be run through our CGI wrapper, which mat require editing the URLS that call your scripts if you're migrating a site over. A simple search-and-replace should be all you need to do to migrate though...

Are you about to be bought out by (insert BIG ISP Name here) anytime soon?

No way! We've been in business since 1996, are a private company, and have no intention of selling out any time soon! And now that the dot-com bubble has burst, no one wants to buy ISP's anyway... :)

With domains kept under your domain name parking service, can I still receive email sent to that domain?

No. E-Mail service/forwarding is part of any hosting package. Parking only includes a "coming soon" page

I have been reading online about Verizon's new email policy: "Verizon e-mail servers will not deliver any mail originated by Verizon customers unless they have an e-mail address that ends in verizon.net, bellatlantic.net, or a ''domain name'' corresponding to a World Wide Web domain hosted by Verizon." I have Verizon DSL. What's up with this? Can I still host my site with MartNet?

You can still use MartNet Hosting Services and your Virtually Hosted E-Mail with Verizon DSL, but some compromises must be made. One workaround to the Verizon mail "problem" is to set your FROM address to your Verizon address and the "Reply TO" address to your preferred e-mail address. Be sure to use Verizon's mail forwarding service to forward mail sent to your Verizon address - not all mail clients handle Reply TO addresses properly, so replies will occasionally get sent to your Verizon address. It's not a pretty solution, but it works. The only other solution is to do exactly what Verizon is hoping you will do and sign up for their Hosting services. Note that while we would love to open up our Mail servers to Verizon's network, we would also be opening up the opportunity for Spammers to send their Unsolicited Mass Mail to untold millions of people around the Net. So to maintain the security and stability of our Servers, and to do our part to help protect the Net in general from this kind of abuse, we don't open up our Mail servers for relaying from anywhere off MartNet's own Network.

For more information or to order any MartNet Service, please call our Sales Office at 408-MARTNET or send mail to sales@martnet.com.
Please read the MartNet Usage Agreement and the Rules governing Use of your MartNet Account before signing up for any service.

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