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MartNet Web Site Hosting Services
The Powerful, Professional, Inexpensive way to Expand your Business!

Virtual Hosting (for Web and E-Mail) - $24.95 Setup Charge / $24.95 per month
Save over 20%! Get Six Months of Virtual Site Hosting for only $124.75 (pre-paid by check or money order only) and we'll waive the Setup Charge!

Virtual Web Site Hosting is the perfect, low cost Web Site Hosting package for those who demand a powerful Hosting Solution for their Web Site. Our Apache Web Servers support advanced scripting and programming features you can use to develop your ideal Web Site. This is also a good Hosting Solution for independent Web Designers looking for a place to host their client's sites.

Here's what you get:

- Your own Domain name (registered FREE with 6 month package! a $70 value) more info

This gives people an easy way to remember how to find you on the web. (ie.: www.yournamehere.com.) It's FREE with a six month pre-paid hosting package, but only $15 a year otherwise. Other ISP's say they will give you a free domain name but they don't include registration fees. When we say its FREE, we mean the registration fees are FREE too.

- Up to Four more mailboxes (for a total of 5)

Everyone in your company can have their own separate mailbox with their own separate passwords and 10MB quota. You can check this mail with Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, Pine, or other email program that uses POP or IMAP to access mail. You can even use our handy Webmail program!

- Unlimited e-mail aliases more info

this means you can have as many "nicknames" as you want for any of your 5 mailboxes. You can be number1@yourname.com, number2@yourname.com, etc.... They all go to whatever mailbox you choose

- WebMail

Need to check your mail at school? on the road? Use our MartNet Webmail to check your email from anywhere in the world right from your web browser!

- WebAdmin Control Panel more info

Control acccount features like Spam Filters, Mail Forwarding and password protected folders. You can also change your account password, upload files, check your disk usage and more!

- 200 MB of storage space more info

200 megabytes of storage for your pages and whatever else you want up on the web.

    • In a band? DJ? Put sound clips up of your latest songs and sets for people to hear your skills.
    • Business? Put your product up on the largest market place in the world
    • Artist? Designer? - Put graphics or photos up of your work for the world to see

- Detailed Statistics AND access to raw log files more info

This way you can tell how many people have been to your site, where they're going on your site and, where they came from using our detailed web-based stats pages. Check out MartNet's stats for an example. (oooh, colorful graphs....) If you want to do your own analysis, you also have access to the raw Web Server log files.

And here's the technical stuff you get:

    • Access to advanced web tools such as a wide array of CGI scripts including counters message-boards and chat rooms.
    • Your own cgi-bin directory for your custom scripts
    • Perl, PHP, python, and a full suite of GNU development tools
    • MySQL database access, by request, at no additional charge
    • E-Perl is installed on our systems, for advanced Web Site design using Embedded Perl technology.
    • Access to SSL Server for secure financial transactions and encrypted communication
    • Real Audio and Real Video HTTP Serving
    • 2000 MB of data transfer per month.* Additional data transfer charged on a tiered basis
    • New Features are constantly added to our Servers!

For more information or to order any MartNet Service, please call our Sales Office at 408-MARTNET or send mail to sales@martnet.com.
Please read the MartNet Usage Agreement and the Rules governing Use of your MartNet Account before signing up for any service.

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