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Additional Web Hosting Options

The following options are available to add even greater functionality to your MartNet Web Hosting Account
Please note that many of these options are included with some service packages.

Additional Domain Name Hosting (ie: www.yourdomain.com): When setting up a Web Site, your own domain can be an inexpensive and powerful marketing tool. MartNet can provide for all of your Domain Name Hosting needs, including setting up multiple domains to point to the same Web Hosting Account. You can have your own personal domain name for use with both your Web site and e-mail address. With your own Domain Name, your World Wide Web address will be www.yourdomain.com and your E-mail address will be yourname@yourdomain.com (instead of www.martnet.com/~username and username@martnet.com.) We can register your new domain with Open-SRS, and you are responsible for paying the registration fee to us (it will be added to your martnet bill.) Please refer to MartNet's Domain Name Hosting page for more information on getting your own Domain, moving an existing Domain to MartNet, and your rights and responsibilities as the owner of your own domain

Machine Name ( AKA a "pointer" ie: yourname.martnet.com): A machine is an economical alternative to getting your own domain name, or adds additional flexibility to your existing domain. It gives you an attractive vanity address for use with both your Web Site address and e-mail address. As good, available domain names become scarce, a Machine Name becomes an attractive, economical option to get a marketable Web address to be included on all of your promotional materials, and is easy to remember.

Detailed Web Site Statistics: A basic hit counter comes free with all MartNet accounts, but a hit counter alone does not provide detailed information about who visits your site, when, or where from. This kind of information can be priceless if you are using a Web Presence to do business! Detailed Statistics are compiled once a week using Webalizer, and can be viewed over the Web and printed out from any Web Browser. You have the option of making your statistics public or password protected to ensure privacy. Click Here for the Webalized statistics of www.martnet.com and see what you'll get!

Dial-up Internet Access - Dial up Internet connectivity is not included with Hosting Services. We do offer fast, reliable Nation-wide dial-up Internet access at a discounted rate.Access is UNLIMITED, and ALL our dial-up numbers support the 56K v.90 protocal for the fastest dynamic Internet connections possible! There's no need to watch the clock, stay connected for as long as you like! Connect to the Internet via MartNet's dial-in pool, served by multiple DS3 connections to the Internet for the fastest possible dynamic connections! We maintain a low user to modem ratio, with port servers on standby for busy times, so you rarely get a busy signal when trying to get on-line! For a list of access numbers and the areas they cover, click here.

E-mail Re-direction Aliases - E-mail aliases simply route mail from one address to a specified mail box anywhere on the Net! Aliases can eliminate the need to manage multiple mailboxes, since mail to many addresses can all go to the same mail box! For example, mail to info@yourdomain.com will go to your Primary web Hosting Account mailbox by default, but can be set up to go to another mailbox. Aliases also do not have an 8 character limit like regular account names do, so if you want a vanity mail address for your promotional material, simply get an alias to do so! You can set up aliases in just about any configuration you can think of, so tell us your ideas and we can make it happen!

Extra Disk Space - above and beyond your disk quota can be purchased for an additional fee per month. Extra disk space can be useful if you want to set up a larger Web site with lots of graphics, audio, and video, or for managing large collections of data gathered on line.

Professional Services: Design, Consulting and Programming - The MartNet Staff can meet most Internet related technical needs, including Network Engineering, Design and construction, custom programming solutions (C++, JAVA, PHP, Perl, etc.), Internet Security Audits, and more.

For more information or to order any MartNet Service, please call our Sales Office at 408-MARTNET or send mail to sales@martnet.com.
Please read the MartNet Usage Agreement and the Rules governing Use of your MartNet Account before signing up for any service.

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