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Unreal Tournament: Getting Started
How to Set Up Your UT Server

Okay, so you rented yourself an Unreal Tournament Server. Chances are, you want to get this thing up and running as soon as possible. The good news is, it won't take long if you just want to play the game the way it came right out of the box. However, if you're in it for the mods, maps, and skins that these games so unique (where else can you see Homer Simpson firing on a naked version of Scully in a map that resembles Event Horizon?), it will take some tweaking.

Thanks to the ever so genius and prosperous ways of the great UT server admin, who happened to have penned this document, we've put up loads of tech sheets basically designed to help to do whatever the hell you feel like with your server (as long as it's in reason.)

Part One

You just called, answered a bunch of dumb billing questions, and someone set you up with an account with a username/password, and gave you a port number. Woohoo.

At this point, just to make you nervous about all of this, I'm going to ask how familiar you are with Linux. First off, go get yourself an SSH client and read this page that briefly explains what a shell is, and how to use it. This is going to be the primary way to work on your server, and believe me, you'll apprechiate the knowledge having a shell is going to teach you.


For you guys that actually know your way around Linux already, it *highly* recommended you jump right in and copy your entire /ut-server/System directory to your home computer for backup. It's just a precaution in case you install some Umod at some point that eats files, and want to restore things to the way they were.

You've got an SSH client, and you're ready to start setting up your box. First off, you want to connect via SSH to the IP address of your server. Enter your username and password when it prompts you, (the ones we gave you on the phone) and you'll be dumped into the shell. You will be wisked away to he Martnet Unreal Tournament Menu.

For those of you that would rather not use ASU for as your UT needs, feel free to exit and start tweaking away on your own.

If you do decide to use ASU, select option 3, and a menu will appear like this:

asu version 0.4, Copyright (C) 2001 abfackeln@abfackeln.com
asu is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
Enter H for help and more copyright information.


B) Bot Menu
D) Specify UT Directory and active .ini files
H) Help and Copyright Information
I) Install Init Script
N) Enable NG Local Stats (requires JDK 1.2)
O) Optimization Menu
P) Patches
R) Disable Download Redirection
S) Server Info, MOTD and Passwords
U) Umod Package Menu
V) Verify Installation
X) Exit

Enter a letter from the above menu.

First off, we want to take care of the important stuff.. Hit the 's' key and hit enter.

This will prompt you to enter a name for your server. Once you're done this, hit enter.

Now, it's going to ask you for a port number. This is the 4 digit number we gave you on the phone when you signed up... It is extremely important that you use your assigned port number and your number only, otherwise Very Bad Things(tm) will happen.

Once the port number's in, hit enter again. You'll be asked for the name of the server admin. You want to enter your username, all in lower case.
Hit enter.

For the email address, enter your (surprise) email address..

Now, the next set of variables reads "Enter 4 lines for a MOTD:"

What this is is "Message of the Day." This is the silly message you see nder the name of the server when you connect to a map. You can enter up to four lines. It will ask you line by line.

Since Web Amin isn't supported yet for our distro of Linux, we're essentially going to skip this part. Just hit enter and leave the Web Admin questions blank..

The next part *is* important though, as this sets the password for the console admin.. Basically, this is password you're going to use while playing UT to do things from inside the game like change maps, kick players, change games, borrow stuff from Flanders, etc..

Where it reads 'Server Console Admin password (* to disable)' enter a password for you to use. DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD YOU USED TO SIGN UP.. It's very important that these aren't the same, just for security

The next question will be the Private Game Password, which you can disable by typing '*'

Once that's answered, you'll be thrown back out to the main script menu.


This is the important one.. This is the option that actually creates a nice, simply command for you to run to start and stop your server. Just remember to use your username for the userid in the first question. This section is where you get to specify the type of game, the map that the server starts on, and which mutators you want to use. (for the mututors, you must type them in *exactly* how they appear in the list. Copy and Paste is recommended.

Once this section is finished, it will generate a file called 'ucc.init'. This file is used by the Martnet menu to start and stop the server, so you don't want to rename it or it breaks stuff :P

At this point, you may want to go through the Bots menu and config the number of Bots on the server, and whether they're using human or android skins.

Once you think you're finished, hit the 'x' key, and you'll be dumped back into the Martnet Menu. By selecting the '1' option, you can now start your server.

You're done and your ready to connect. You can go through the setup menu as many times as you like, install umods, change games, and switch start-up maps.

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