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Welcome to nospam.martnet.com
MartNet's (Anti)-Spam Information Resource

If you have received an e-mail notice directing you to this page because of an error such as "Your message has been rejected as Suspected SPAM - Filtered by..." the most likely cause is that one or more of the SENDER'S ISP's Mail Servers have been filtered because they are a provider of mail services to known Spammers, or fail to properly configure and secure their mail servers. The error message will also contain the particular filtered list used to deny the message. THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM WITH MARTNET OR MARTNET SERVERS. IT IS A PROBLEM AT THE ISP or MAIL SERVER THAT WAS USED TO SEND THE MESSAGE. Therefore, the sender's ISP or mail server should be contacted and tell you what steps they will be taking to resolve their problem. We apologize for any inconvenience MartNet Customers may experience, however we cannot be responsible for other ISPs and Mail Server Admins who contribute to the problem of SPAM (UCE) that is currently plaguing the Internet.

Please note that the Admins at MartNet are aware that a very small amount of legitimate mail may get denied due to our use of these Anti-Spam Filters. We feel that this is a small price to pay to eliminate the large amounts of completely unwanted junk mail (SPAM) that is inflicted upon our customers on a daily basis. We have been testing the filters out for some time, and have chosen filtering services that we find to be most effective (ie: block very few legitimate messages), and all have very easy methods for responsible service providers and admins to get their servers OFF the filtered list. All Filtering services send mail to the admins of servers about to be filtered, giving them a chance to act responsibly and fix their problems BEFORE being filtered, and only filtering those servers after their admins have been given this chance. There is no reason, in our opinion, for a responsible Service provider or server Admin to remain on the Filtered List for more than a few hours.

MartNet currently uses the following RBL (realtime Black List) Filtering systems to help limit the amount of SPAM inflicted upon MartNet Customers. Click on a link to go to the home page of the respective RBL for more information (including instructions on how to get OFF the blacklist)

  • SpamCop
  • ORBZ (Open Relay Blackhole Zones)
  • ORDB (the Open Relay DataBase)
  • OsiruSoft's Open Relay Spam Stopper, and home of Project SETS (Search for Extra Terrestrial Spammers).

  • Click here to view ALL martNet Support Documentation concerning SPAM or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail)

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