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Disk Quotas
Getting quota violation messages? Read me!

You're probably reading this page because you received a message from the system saying that you're in violation of the quota system. In other words, you're using up more space on the server than you are entitled to. You can either purchase more disk space for use with your account, or delete some of your files to free up space.

To check your disc quota and to see how much space you are using, please read Checking Your Disc Quota.

For dial-up and e-mail accounts, the default quota is 10MBs (MegaBytes). For hosting accounts, you get 50MBs.

If you need more space, please just email us or call our Customer Care Center to purchase additional disk space

Getting your Disk Usage under control

Please note! The quota system DOES NOT have anything to do with webmail. (webmail uses its own quotas.. hence those neat little percentages when you sign in. If you go over your seperate WebMail quota, you will need to start deleting old mail.)

Most of the time, mail is the culprit.

Web pages take up lots of space.

  • If you've just updated your website, remove the old files that aren't in use any more.
  • Make sure that the size of your website is smaller than the amount of space your allowed.

Advanced Stuff

To quickly find out what your quota is:

Check your disc quota through the MartNet WebAdmin.


When connected to MartNet via a shell, type the command quota

To find out which files and folders are taking up the most space, go into your home directory and type showdiskusage

If all else fails, please give us a call or email us, and we'll try and figure it out with you.

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