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Outlook Express - Message Rules
Using rules to route your mail in Outlook Express

Outlook Express and many other mail programs have a feature called "Rules" that will allow you to do perform actions on email if they meet certain criteria. This can be handy if you have emails from several different accounts all being checked by the same program. You can set up a set of rules that will route mail to different address to seperate folders so you can automatically sort your mail.

The example we will outline below shows how you can route incoming mail in Outlook Express that MartNet's Spamassassin has marked as "Spam" to separate spam folder on your local hard drive where you can sort through or delete it at a later date.

  1. First if you are running Spam Assassin already, you'll need to turn it off first. Then turn it back on with the option "Deliver normally with SPAM tags". This will continue to send spam mail to your account but will add "*****SPAM*****" to the beginning of the subject line.

  2. Then open up Outlook Express and select Tools>Message Rules>Mail

  3. Next click on the check box next to "Where the Subject line contains specific words", click on the check box next to "Move it to the specified folder" and then give the rule a name at the bottom of the like "Spam Rule" or something similar.

  4. Then click on the underlined link "contains specific rules" at the bottom of the "New Mail Rules" window. This will open another window. In that window type "*****SPAM*****" (without the quotes) and click "Add". Then click "OK"

  5. Next click on the underlined link "specified" in the phrase "Move it to the specified folder" at the bottom of the "New Mail Rules" window. If you didn't already create a folder for your spam, you can create it by clicking on "New Folder". Name the folder "spam" and then select the "spam" folder by clicking on it with the mouse. Then click "OK".

  6. Now any mail that is marked by SpamAssassin with "*****Spam*****" will be saved in your "spam" folder, instead of your Inbox. This will help you sort through and delete your spam locally on your computer and keep your inbox unclogged

Using this example, you can modify these steps and create your own new rules. Have fun!

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