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Connecting with Red Hat Linux
Brief instructions on connecting with Red Hat.

Connecting with Red Hat Linux-KDE

Once in KDE, click on "K" and then "Internet" and then Kppp.

Here, click the Setup button

Click New

Type in martnet, and your local dial up access number (remember to include the area code if you are in 610 or 215). The check for a local number here. Then click on IP

Make sure you have selected dynamic IP in this tab, then click on the DNS tab

Put martnet.com in the domain, and put in our DNS numbers by typing them in the DNS IP Address box, and clicking add, to put them in the list. You can get the most update DNS number here. Then go to the gateway tab.

Just make this default, then click on the OK button. This brings you back to the Accounts tab. Click on the Device tab.

For modem device, select the com port your modem is on. If it's on com1 in Dos/Win, select /dev/ttys0 (/dev/cua0 is another way of saying com1, but it's going out of style), alternatevly, select /dev/ttyS1 if you are on com2 in Dos/Win. (/dev/ttyS2 for com3, etc.) Or, if you've used the modem config tool in the redhat, it makes a symbolic link from whatever device is your modem to /dev/modem (Or if you want you can do this yourself, Example: ln -s /dev/modem /dev/ttyS1). And select your modem settings/speed. Then click on the Modem tab.

Here some personal preferences, and also, if you click on modem commands, you can put in specific strings for your modem. (A modem init string would be a good idea...)

Modem Commands go in here. Click ok when you are done *Note: If you have a WinModem, it still is NOT GOING TO WORK. Even though KDE might look eerily like Windows, WinModems still don't work!*

In the PPP tab are just some more personal preferences, hit ok and we're almost ready

Ok, Pretty much everything is done by now. All you have to do is enter in your username and password, and hit connect.

Again... This should work, but I cannot guarantee it!

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