Welcome to the Official EDO Homepage. I haven't got anything interesting as of yet, but please check in soon.
For the latest show information please call the EDO hotline at (215) IT-BE-SHY.

who is the strangest, most fabulous, most daring, most exciting, most modest band in america?

why EDO, of course...

Some people say EDO is the house band on Pluto.
Some people say EDO is more confusing than two cats and a barbershop.
Some people say EDO sounds like a cross between Frank Zappa and Funkadelic.
Some people say EDO sounds like a cross between Talking Heads and The Fugs.

Some people know better than to try to describe it. They smile and hand you a copy of the CD. Then, they stand back and watch as you put it on. You'll see what they're waiting for.

EDO was formed out of a vast amount of boiling broth. Simmered slowly until everything was beautiful and nothing hurt that was not supposed to hurt. Added salt and joyful abandon. Served while hot! (This recipe will provide ample portions for 1,250.)

"As completely brilliant as ever and completely unsignable" Margit Detweiler, Philadelphia City Paper
"Frightening and unsettling, EDO is unmatched in its ability to take a crowd far from where they have been" MAPP
"A smart band, a disorienting band, one of the most important bands I have ever seen" Brian Felsen, PMC
"A truly fabulous band, a great live band, and extremely polite" Music Monthly

EDO wants you to hear the record, to see the band, to smell the confusion, and to taste the sauce.
EDO desires to spread its work as far and as wide as possible (which is pretty far and wide).
EDO wants to play on your stage, perform in your city, whoop it up on your airwaves, and sleep on your couch.

"Excellent Kick Ass Music" Vance Lemkuhl, Philadelphia City Paper
"Goofy, talented, crisp, funny as hell, smart, always irreverent and delightfully absurd" Welcomat
"Philly's most dangerous band, outrageous, loud and crazy" Kollage Magazine

Stuff for Sale

Mail order to: EDO - 4566 Silverwood St. Philadelphia PA 19127 Check or money order made out to Skoda Records. Dont worry about postage and handling.

if you want to get in touch with EDO, call 215-IT BE SHY
or if you have a rotary dial phone, ring us up at 215-482-3749 or email us at eliot@p3.net..

EDO Headquarters
4566 Silverwood Street

legal representation:
John Luneau
11 East Willow Grove Ave
Philadlephia PA 19118
215.248.3898 (voice)
215.248.0320 (facsimile)


(EDO is sick and tired of and wishes to disassociate itself from anything that might be described as 'post modern', 'slacker', or 'generation x'. Those labels are, more often than not, for wankers.)

EDO Facts and Figures
(stuff we can't deny in court)


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