W elcome to the weird and wonderful world of Lexicon.

The RNC has come and gone, but keep checking The Independent Media Center of Philadelphia for follow-ups and news CorporateTV won't show you.

New CD now available!

We now have a live 5-track EP available for sale.

There's an MP3 made from it here, with some info on the show it was recorded at.

Click here for the MP3 recording of

Meant to ensure domestic tranquility

recorded live in West Philly in July, 2000.

Contact us at lexicon@martnet.com to get it off the presses. Well, the burner...
A full-length album is on the way, already recorded and in its final production stages.

New Philadelphia-area shows coming soon!
Our next three show dates are
right here .

Our RealAudio section of live recordings from shows is here .

So this is what we can show you of Lexicon, how Lexicon, and why Lexicon, without you actually coming to a show. But if we've communicated this idea properly, you'll agree it can't show enough. If you're nowhere near Philly, you can catch some of our previous gigs at the above link. If you ARE near Philly, after surfing 'till your eyes bleed, get outta the house and go see a show! There's a huge local music scene in this city!

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