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Here's some old lo-fi recordings. Some go back to '96... it's fun to hear our progression, i think, except when we find the occassional practice tape from some rehearsal where we just didn't figure anything good out at all. We listen to those and try to recall just what the heck we were thinking... oh, if you hear a guitar in there then it's Lee, our old guitarist who realized that... er, decided to.... umm, noticed that his tendency... he figured that since he was.... before it was too late to.... uh, yeah. Since then we got this guy named Ben but he's not on these songs.

You can find our newer stuff here (Ben-fortified).

(These are all Streaming RealAudio Files - 4:00)

This song got squooshed down to its essence and is now the middle section of Stark Raving Sane (which is on our EP).

Hot, Itchy, and Lethargic

One of our oldest and favourite songs, and it just keeps changing and evolving... aka "that oriental sounding thing you guys play."


Chris' anthem, perhaps... one of our first-ever-recognizable-as-a-song songs. Rock on Detroit!

recorded live at da haus (4:50)

our *ahem* sort of *cough* cover *cough* of a recognizable oldskool gothy wothy favourite, jazzed out a bit. I like it =8).

kinda low volume. (3:34)

Heh... this we played as live pre- and postshow music for a production of No Exit here in Philly.

Get the RealAudio Server and you too can make RealAudio versions of noises you make like we did. Any version of RA should work on these, since they're old and i believe RA is completely backwards compatible. If not, please mail me so i can convert them!

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