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IMC contributions:

An appeal for expressive solidarity. .

On stolen rights .

Extropy .

The importance of foundational criticism in the defiance of statism.

A defence of the anti-statist ideal .

A continuation of the defence of the anti-statist ideal .

A redirection of mumia debate toward a generalized discussion on capital punishment .

An example of ineffective, but entertaining, responsiveness

An explanation of the rhetoric on the preceding page.

A deconstruction of anti-abolitionist rhetoric.

A deconstruction of embedded rhetoric.

An appeal to issues of cogency in the capital punishment debate.

A prelinary outline of the burden of proof in death penalty deabtes.

An extension on the burden of proof debate.

An extension of the accountability of corporate-statist mechanisms in the propogation of violent crime.

Deconstruction on the subject of contradictions in the movement.

Precisely what the agitator asked for (context: provious submission)

An brief explanation that democracy is the underlying goal of the movement.

A deconstruction of some institutional rhetoric on differential wealth.

A response to a friendly submission outlining some shortcomings of statist structures.

On issues relevant in round-tables concerned with the topics of the movement.

On the inaccessibility of objective truth.

a defence of the importance of discursive argumentation to the success of the movement: a deconstruction of anti-discursive rhetoric.

A rough defence of the assertion that "expressions" are a form of "action".

Two counter-examples to the assertion that ideas expressed in language will not transcend individual death.