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an appeal for presentative solidarity.

this submission is written in response to A submission by Early Morn on August 8, 2000.

i've heard some personal accounts of people released from jail. the most depraved example i can pull from my current arsenal of reported horror is the case of a male who was (unlike timoney i will throw in) "allegedly" stripped naked and forcebly moved with the help of a firm grip on his genitalia. i would suggest that if this person --- who is likely one of those who will not walk the streets for some time still --- would like to "whine" about the scope of brutality and intimidation in the treatment of activists, it would appropriate not only to support his right to do so but to employ every media device at our disposal to allow the rest of the world to suffer the apparently sensibilty-offending "whining" that his might expect his rights of expression to protect.

friend. if you really are a champion of social justice, why engage in any efforts to undermine the dissemination of information which has been collected by reponsible and reflective individuals from source which they consider reliable. would it not be more helpful to remain silent on the issue at least until it became CLEAR that injustices really are not occuring. you're calls for evidence are cogent and, provided that results can be achieved in that domain, we would certainly be in a better position to help those currently still in the clutches of state authority and those that enjoy a tenuous freedom under the shadow of impending trials on inflated charges. i do find it interesting, however, that you have not actually provided any evidence of your own --- and this is a significantly more profound deficiency in your camp since it does not even include the testimony of released prisoners who report that things inside are hunky-dory for prisoners of conscience. one person who says this would certainly give you position slightly more substance. in its absence, i do not see how you can conitnue to describe yourself as an opponent of prisoner abuse---since you have done little of substance but have played a clear role in widespead propogation of inaccuracies that have been effective in undermining the abilty for the activist community --- in which you are presently participating --- to disseminate the information that it has worked tirelessly for the past two weeks to collect.

if you want to participate in our community you have the same right to do so as any other person on the planet (who can get to a computer) and there will be no attempts to exclude your commentary. bearing this in mind, please be as critical as you think necessary. it is my personal belief that dissent is critical to the success of this project. it is also my opinion, however, that if we believe in confronting the same structures, we should agree that we will not engage in speculative attacks on the each other's positions. refuting evidence, on the other hand ...