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some banter on the legitimacy of differential wealth

my guess would be post-punk (or perhaps a little old school down-and-dirty PUNK ROCK), but i honestly have no idea. we'll have to swap recordings --- that frequently proves as enlightening as dialogue.

as for the goal of the movement, it is transparent. it is democracy. which means you will be hard-pressed to get a position-statement which will be signed be ALL contemporary "activists". my own personal motivations (as is typically the case) relate to the notion of "differential wealth". along with this notion come the following questions:

how can the class-oriented appropriation of health care be justified?
how can the payment of one (full-time) individual 250 times the amount of another be justified?
what role do statist power structures play in the perpetuation of this inequity?
how does the simultaneous capital-transparency and population-opacity of borders contribute to the inequity?
and so on.

i hope that this is revealing. if not, you can just remember that a whole lot of people are getting screwed by those with more capital and the republocrats ain't doin nothin to fix it.