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on extropy

The context.

right on with the call for connectivity. a loosely structured and widely distributed community of concerned individuals and groups is exactly the situation required to effectively combat the current acceleration of inequity in the accessibility of the benefits of modern societal and economic systems.

on a more playful note, i have heard the term "extropy" used in circles other than the ones mentioned. one of the more intriguing speculative comments that i have heard is the one in which our universe is precisely the region at which the domains of entropy and extropy overlap. neither of the two tendencies is capable of overwhelmingly obscuring the effects of the other. we can see entropy in the classical examples of molecular and radioactive decay. the presence of extropy is simultaneously more "prominent" and less "visible" than the presence of entropy.

we can use as paradigm examples of generalizations expressible in terms of extropy the emergence of the information engines which eventually mutated into our dna. another good example is seen in some of the details of human language. for one, the very emergence of communicative systems is indicative of some (however minute) tendency toward an increase in structure, complexity and regularity in the universe. more subtle but no less telling is the nature of language in its use as a mechanism of calibration in the functioning of social structure.

beyond its part in the determination of social roles, language is typically employed in the effort to engage the organizational structures which it makes possible in the accomplishment of personal and communal goals. the internet (another extropic influence) makes this arrangement much more profound in its distributed and dynamic natures. whatever we choose to call the forces at work in the emergence of a coherent movement of substance, the options which are likely to contribute most to the success of the movement are those which emphasize connectedness, distributativity and dynamicity.

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