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On issues relevant in round-tables concerned with the topics of the movement.

you're right about how much there is to discuss. i imagine that the tactics of the movement and the best targets of activism in the near future are not the best topics of discussion for an inclusive effort. abortion debates are vacuous and unresolvable. capital punishment seems to be proceeding nicely in the electronic forum here. again, i argue that --- if we are serious about starting a 13gen (better than genX, huh; and reflective of how long its been since the LAST revolution to emerge from our fair city) discussion group --- we need to aim for a series of discussions rather than a single event. these issues are, as you and i have discovered together, more complex and subtle than a single evening can do justice to. little progress will be made in such a limited forum as that --- ESPECIALLY if it is an open forum, which is NECESSARY to our common goal of mutually beneficial debate.

i would suggest:

1) the origins of state legitimacy and its contituance in contemporary forms such as ours;
2) the effectiveness of "institutional" efforts at change;
3) the nature of 21st century corporate-globalism, its effects and its legitimacy;
4) the notions of "community" and "democracy" and how our own behavior figures into their continued existence;
5) the intensification of (zones of) poverty in the us and its (potential) solutions;
6a) the necessity and methodology of universal health care;
6b) the legitimacy of "insurance" as a for-profit industry and the legitmacy of pharmaceutical manufacture as a for-profit industry;
6c) the legitimacy of chemical/genetic patents.

what do you think? i know there's more, and i'll be sure to add them as i think of them. also, i will email you directly with my email-address later today or tomorrow --- so this space doesn't get too cluttered with planning efforts.

peace and dialogue.