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A defence of the anti-statist ideal

The context.

posted by agent orange, shortly after noon --- presumably during the "agent's" lunch break --- the submission entitled "what in god's name did you expect?" is typical of the rhetorical reactionary backlash that an experiment in democracy such as the imc project should expect and be prepared for. i have spoken out elsewhere on the issue of censorship here. as a reminder, i find it intolerable in the context of the goals inherent in the project. that said, i intend to use the present space to engage in what i assume to lie at the heart of democratic consensus building --- namely: critical dialogue. i will address the "concerns" which are put forth by the articulate mouthpiece of statism "agent orange" and tie them to the current demands of the ongoing anti-corporate-globalism movement.

orange begins with the inspiring message:

AO: with very few exceptions this has to be the biggest concerted effort by a bunch of laxidasial, hypocritical shite I have ever seen gathered in one place.

it is reassuring that our friend orange is incapable of making it through the first sentence without committing a certain amount of teminological contraciction (with "laxidasial" --- which i don't actually think is a word, but i'll assume the most recent addition in our collection of reactionary intellectual poseurs means "lackadaisical" --- in an oxy-moronic relationship with the qualities necessary for a "concerted effort"). dialogic victory is assured!

AO: You are all crying for a war against the state and what did you expect, that they were going to roll over and let you throw projectiles, destroy property and such? Come on now, some of you have at least shown some traces of intelligence.

fair enough, but the label "activist" cannot be necessary and sufficient conditions for torture and/or arrest. the vast majority of the activists in the current movement neither "throw projectiles" nor "destroy property". also, the vast majority of arrests that were made in philly during r2k were made against people who did not engage in this activities. i'd love to hear agent orange say that he believes that arrest and torture are appropriate mechanisms to retrain the range of free expression. it's implicit in the reactionary rant --- MAKE IT EXPLICIT YOU FUCKING SISSY, I IMAGINE THAT AGENT ORANGE ISN'T YOUR REAL NAME ANYWAY.

AO: Jail is no picnic, if you go, don't expect to have a nice three course meal prepared for you. once you enter those halls and cross that line, whether it for a misdemeanor charge or a felony charge, you've committed a crime be prepared to pay for the consequences. I've heard of one protestor being molested by some inmates. Well get used to it, if you and your kind are more intent to go to prison for your beliefs better be ready to be someone's "bitch". Men and Women alike, they don't discriminate.

mostly intimidation tactics. a clear signal of desparation. but orange has still done nothing to refute or justify the torture engaged in by ppd both on the streets and inside the roundhouse. but make no mistake about it, prison does suck. we should work to reduce its population. we should work to protect free expression. we should work to block the increased efforts to criminalize poverty.

AO: I've also had some time to look through this site and I've got to tell you, I see nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Look at the feet of some of the protestors, oddly enough (particulary in the LA photos) they all (with very few exceptions) seem to be wearing NAME brand running shoes. Wow to me that seems like support of a corporate entity. But aren't you guys against that? And where exactly did you think those NEXTEL cell phones you are using were made? Philadelphia? Does Taiwan or the Philippines ring a bell. Or maybe you've convieniently forgotten that. But as I've seen on this site, selective memory is rampant.

ok orange, tell me which running shoe company and digi-phone manufacturer doesn't exploit third world workers. you've done a good deal of the work in proving our point --- which is that corporate globalism should be brought under the control of democratic constraints. or would it be better if we didn't know about the way in which what amounts to slave labor is used in producing our consumer goods? ignore it and it will go away. hypocrisy is rooted in ones ability to remove the blinders of willfull ignorance and confront the injustices for what they truly are. if both sides use the products but only one attempts to ensure the presence of conditions essential to (economic) human rights by confronting the institutions of production, then who can claim the moral high ground? you've gotta try harder than this, orange.

AO: As for the so called organisers of this rag tag political action group, They've mislead each and everyone of you. They have pressed their beliefs on you. You follow wantonly, expressing their opinions, not your own. Well you see them as your own, but really they've been nutured and formulated so that you'll carry out their whim. Sound familiar, much like the country of which you rail against perhaps?

well. my willingness to participate came only after i had recognized the complete absence of leadership. i still believe this observation to hold true --- noone is at the wheel of the present movement and, if we are indeed misled, we have only ourselves to blame. of course, we are not misled. in this context, orange's statement becomes devoid of content. impossible even to evaluate as true or false. (is his assertion "false" if there is no leadership capable of misleading in the first place? --- no. only nonsensical. keep up the good work orange.

AO: You don't really think your ideal vision of a new world order will succeed without someone trying to vest power? I mean as much as that overage hippie Ralph Nader wants to be president, you don't think he's going to exert his power over you as well?

yes i do. but what does nader have to do with anarcho-syndicalist social revolution? we have not placed our hopes in his hands --- nor would we. and what's this "new world order" crap. i envision self-governing communities organized into a network of industrial, academic and distributional collectives, whose resources are determined democratically without the help of the inefficient mahinery of state.

AO: Point of the matter is, America doesn't care. Not about you at least. Many of its people care about homeless and medical rights. But they don't want it given to them from some group of misguided and misled uppity white rich kids.

do you mean the message or the solution when you say "it" here. be clear, orange. also, why not? who cares where the message or the solution comes from. also, you need to do you homework on the diversity of the movement. where are you guys getting this "uppity white rich kids" shit, but i'll tell you as witness, it is inaccurate.

AO: I mean, has any of you really suffered on the dole?

how does TWO bouts with --- unboubtedly environmentally-induced --- CANCER do? enough suffering for ya', orange, or should i throw in the three years of dehumanizing and debilitating medical treatment that went with each occerence. i can't imagine that you'd be surpised to hear horror stories on the present site.

AO: Has any of you really wondered where your next meal is coming from?

at least a total of two months time over the past six to begin with. i am underpaid, currently uninsured and i have no job security to speak of.

AO: Has any of you not had your parents there when they were most needed?

since i grew up and left home. how 'bout you?

AO: I highly doubt it. The fact that you so called "protestors" can galavant across country and in some cases across the globe, places you well above the causes you support.

or part of the increasingly organized young homeless "squatter" movement that travels with that crew. and what makes you think that we're travelling? afraid to think that revolutionary beliefs are held by the people in YOUR TOWN?

AO: So I think its time you gave up this charade. You're fooling noone and acts of violence as seen last night in Los Angeles only go to cement the case against you.

except that the violence was initiated by the police. still cement the case, orange?

AO: Just like the sixties you will all soon realise that this cause is hopeless, that true change only lies with in the present government. Except it, live with it. Let go. I know you're angry. We are all angry at times. It's time for you to go home. Your short lived few months revolution is almost over. Well before it's begun. Like all revolutions it will eat itself from the inside. Not from infiltrations like you'd think, but from your own. More and more people who resort to violence in any manner will only turn your "revolution" into a way people like me and the majority of Americans turn and say,"Would someone please lock those miscretants up!"

a clear argument for the tactical superiority of "social revolution". also a helpful outline of the failures of previous movements. definitely problems to keep in mind. also a clear explanation why exposing the brtality of the state in juxtaposition to the non-violence of activists. WE CANNOT RESORT TO VIOLENCE. my statement to orange is that we DO NOT engage in violence.

the difference here is that the cause is not hopeless. global communications devices have fallen into the hands of a wider cadre of citizens around the world and we are commited to organizing those citizens into a responsive labor-force and intellectual base that responds only to the demands of democratic consensus. not only can the revolution be won but the "rebels" need fire no shots.

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