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The context.

the importance of the dialectic in the promotion of anti-statist democracy

while i do not presently have time to actually get involved in this discusion, i think that it is important to point out that this is PRECISELY the forum for the discussion of issues like the (non)existence of rights. if we seek to achieve any victory in the struggle for equity and justice and continually couch our outrage in the violation of various rights, then we have no choice but to be clear about what these things actually are, how they work and what we can do to "ensure" them.

this is not the time to pat ourselves on the back for being smart enough to recognize injustice when we see it. more importantly, we are significatly more likely to undertake a successful "revolution" by strengthening our communities, exposing the personal horrors inherent in the increasing concentration of statist power, promoting an environment of mutual respect and cooperation, engaging in efforts at organizing the populace into a system of economic planning which is not dependent upon institutional entrenchment for its success and which is truly subject to the effects of democratic constraints, and in promoting the dialogue which will guide our progress in the achievement of these goals with or without the permission of the State. if we provide a global society before the State can put its own analogue in place, we stand a chance of being in a position to inform the defenders of the State and their supervisors in the corporate and financial elite that they are no longer necessary on our planet.

if we don't get there first ...

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