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Lexicon is just one of the many excellent Philly bands that have managed to spring into existence over the last few years.

We are four guys who play instrumental music.

Not descriptive enough? Well, we could tell you what lexicon means, I guess. While we're at it, we could also tell you what life means, but we're not very good with words. We suppose we could also try to explain ourselves.

Some of the favorite adjectives and terms we've heard used to describe us include "creepy," "throbbing," "post-rock," and "phuqt-up." But words only go so far, you should come see us play live.

What do we sound like?

Well, glad you asked. This is where we keep some of our favorite noises from places we've played (mostly here in Philly), plus an archive of our older songs. As always, this is a continuing project, so check back often and watch it take shape (that's what we do). All RealAudio, all the time. Any version will do. As far as I can tell...

RealAudio Files
New stuph here

Old stuph here

Lexicon is Rob on violin and Chris on bass guitar.

 Lexicon is also Neil on drums. That's Lee on guitar. You can find photos of Ben in our gallery, which we'll hopefully update before the end of the world.


Come back for more updates often, since we're slackers and can't code it all at once...

Send some mail to the people who are Lexicon.

As long as you made it this far down, why don't you sign our soon-to-be-groovy Guestbook? Everybody's doin' it, man...

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