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Update in progress!

We've been putting live recordings up here for all to download with glee for a number of years now. I'll expound upon the amazing rates of improvement and accessibility with regard to music technology somewhere else (and probably at great length).

With help from Nick Schummer, CEO of MartNet (where you're at), and Lee Revell (sometime Lexicon guitarist), who did all the post-processing, we have our July 7th set available as a 5-track CD for a measly five bucks. We'll be using the cash to make more CDs, including the full-length we're finishing up right now. It's taken from the 2-set gig we played at the Velvet Lounge, DC, on July 17th. More on that as it progresses.

This MP3 is taken from the July 7th show. Amidst our obvious enthusiasm for the process and for having CDs, etc., we would be remiss if we did not mention that this show was a benefit for the family of a friend who left us recently. He lived across from the house we wrote most of our songs in. He will be missed. This EP is dedicated to his memory.

 Meant to insure domestic tranquility.    This song is...

This file should stream (so "save target as..." to just DL it). Winamp and RealAudio both work. If it won't stream for you, pleasecontact us and let us know.
Check out Icecast for the open-source audio streaming server we used. English? It's free, and anyone in the world can modify it, add to it, and use it as much as they want. Be heard!

The rest of these are somewhat lo-fi but let you hear what we've been up to since '96 or so.

I think these are from a show at the Firenze... if you've never seen a show there, you won't. We had the dubious honor of being one of the bands that played the last show at Philly's favourite hole in the wall.

 (For the love of...) Mike    It's a love song. Honest. It really is.
 Alien Communication    Start practicing for 2012...
 Best Shirt    Are you wearing your best shirt?
 Infinity Ball    It turned out to be pretty lame!

Unless otherwise specified, everything was recorded live. Check back soon for more!

Follow this to where we keep the old stuff.

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